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Basically you can learn English online.
Each lesson is 25 minutes long.
And the great thing is that you're at home.
You can be relaxed in front of your computer.
And you can even choose not to open your camera if you do not feel like it.
Online teaching can be a bit disconnecting.
Because you're not in the same room with the person,
but having video chat and being able to see your teacher and your student
helps a lot.
So with online school the teacher can focus on you.
And then you can have it anytime you want anywhere you want.
It's really amazing to talk to someone who lives
in a completely different end of the world.
And just talk to someone who is from Australia, who is a native speaker,
or for example New Zealand.
And to talk about their holidays that they're having those days.
Or for example, to talk to someone who is from Cambodia or Africa.
I think it definitely brings a lot of advantages.
Especially about knowledge from other peoples' cultures.
What we offer is flexibility to all students that want
to learn English for a cheap price.
A price than anybody can pay.
It's like, less than a coffee.
And you get really specific feedback. Like:
"This is what we will work on. This is how you will improve this skill."
And all this focus, all this energy channeled into only one person.
That's the biggest advantage I think.
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Engoo- English Online Classes

1055 Folder Collection
Sho0412 published on July 16, 2015
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