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  • The name of the game is called faceketballs.

  • Oh? Faceketballs?

  • Yeah, ok, ready? So, it's not basketball. Well, it kind of is.

  • Okay. Faceketball. I'm trying to picture that and I...

  • Here, put this headband on.

  • Okay. So...

  • And, ummm...

  • Oh oh. Okay. So, I'm accustomed to wearing headbands.

  • Yeah yeah yeah. You love this. yeah yeah. This will be great.

  • So, I put this right here?

  • Yeah yeah. Put it on like that.

  • Okay. Perfect. Okay...

  • How do I look?

  • Those are your balls.

  • Okay. Alright.

  • (Jimmy) Okay, I'm gonna put mine on here. No problem. (LeBron) I think I'm gonna take a little break from now.

  • (Jimmy) Okay. I'll put mine over.. like this. (LeBron) Okay.

  • Alright. Now, the first one to three...

  • I mean... this is like two grown-up men should play this game. Right? yeah!

  • Yeah. I believe that. That's for sure.

  • (Jimmy)First one to three wins. (LeBron)Okay.

  • and if it is a two-zero advantage, the other person can dunk in the other guy.

  • (LeBron)Okay. Sounds good. I like that. I like that. (Jimmy) Alright. Cool. Alright. Let's give me...

  • I mean...I kids ask for iPads, iPods, and Samsung tablets and Samsung...

  • (Jimmy)No. (LeBron) this is... (Jimmy) This is kind of faceketball. yeah yeah.

  • Every kid is out there playing this game. This is the... sweeping the nation. (LeBron) yeah yeah. This is very good. Yeah.

  • Okay. Alright. Okay. Are you

  • (LeBron)Oh... should I stand? (Jimmy)what's you gonna say? no, I don't. well. stand. Let me see.

  • (Jimmy)You should probably sit. Maybe. Maybe sit down.(LeBron) How about I maybe sit down.Okay okay.

  • (Jimmy)Are you ready? (LeBron) Okay. (Jimmy) Ok, you go first. (LeBron) Okay.

  • Oh... I gotta move it to the side. Oh!

  • This is... This is much more difficult than I expected.

  • (Laughter)

  • Oh!

  • (Jimmy) Dunk off. I dunk on you and then you dunk on me. Ready? (LeBron) Alright.

  • (Jimmy)At the same time.(LeBron) At the same time?

  • (Jimmy)No no no. I gotta do one from down here. (LeBron)okay. You go first. Okay.

  • Oh!

  • Oh, that was awesome!

  • (Jimmy)You wanna come up here?(LeBron) yeah yeah yeah.

  • Oh!

  • (LeBron)And I broke the rim.(Jimmy) Ha ha ha...

  • LeBron James! Everybody!

The name of the game is called faceketballs.

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