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There's nothing better than having a highly anticipated project about to come out. I have
previous experience with Game of Thrones that were really dedicated, informed and supportive
fan base. Especially when you're talking about younger fans and social media interest, it's
great to know there's a buzz and that people are really looking forward to it.
In this one, it's a much more sombre piece. I mean the Hunger Games in general has that
kind of, has a nice dark undertone which lots of young people have responded to but this
one goes either further in that direction.
Yeah, well I mean the concepts of war and overthrowing a tyrannical, oppressive government
are big stuff and the political and social themes don't pull any punches but that's what
I think's so strong and why the movies are so popular is because they don't talk down
to an adolescent audience. They can more than handle these contradictory, adult themes and
I think that's why there as successful as they are.
Yeah, and your character has - I think you're the only person, when I was watching you thinking,
there's only one person who could have that haircut and that look and actually I thought
you know what, if she kept that in life it would still look good.
Oh that's very nice of you, James. As she says touching her hair, just checking it's still there.
Was there any temptation to go, ah I don't know, the tattooed side of the head looks pretty good.
Well, you know it was a really interesting thing to do. When you're an actor you get
put in places in the world or taught to do things or things are enforced upon you that
you wouldn't ordinarily do yourself or places you wouldn't go yourself. That's what's extraordinary
about our job and I would never have shaved half my hair off just being Nat but once
I did it a lot of my friends were like, yeah, I mean you've got a good shaped head. It's
a useful thing to know. I don't know why but it might come in useful in one day.
Yeah, it's not shaped like an egg. -It's quite smooth. Not too many bumps.
Yeah, well that's the key thing. I suppose in the movie business they could kind of...
- They could have edited out but yeah.
Now it's a big cast, big ensemble cast. When you're doing a film like this and it's got
quite dark themes is there anyway - do people lighten the mood? Is there a particular joker
on set? Is there anyone who's a bit of a prankster?
Yeah, I think when Jennifer Lawrence is around everyone doesn't keep a straight face for
long. Her and Josh have and Liam have a great energy and shorthand and there's always laughing
and joking when they're around. And Francis Lawrence is our director, who's very open
to younger more puerile humour as well which is useful when you're in a nine month intensive
shoot so we all had a lot of laughs as well.
Can you all go out together? Or are your profiles too high that's it's just a bit jarring? -No
we went out together, yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely, totally.
Did you sit down for a curry?
Yeah, I mean you're inevitably - you're going to get people that come along who want to
say hi or they're fans of they're fans of various projects that everyone's a part of
but it's fun because we're all kind of fan boys and girls of each other's work as well
you know on the Hunger Games sets there's fans of Game of Thrones - Woody Harrelson
- I wouldn't leave him alone, I just wanted to talk about True Detective all the time
and with Mahershala as well House of Cards and then Jen got into Game of Thrones while
we were shooting as well so it's really nice when we're all sort of fan boys and girls
for each other's work as well.
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The Hunger Games' Natalie Dormer on shaving her head, joking with Jennifer and hanging out with Liam

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Chan Ka Ying published on July 14, 2015
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