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ISIS is arguably the most powerful terrorist group in the world right now. Recently, the
Brookings Institution released a study detailing one of their most effective methods of recruiting
foreign fighters: social media. So what other modern recruiting tactics is ISIS using? And
why are they so effective?
ISIS uses several popular digital media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Sound Cloud,
JustPasteIt, Instagram, and Facebook to reach out to potential recruits. The Brookings Institution
estimates that on Twitter alone, ISIS supporters run about 50 thousand accounts, and post almost
a hundred thousand messages about ISIS per day.
ISIS is adept at modern marketing techniques. They produce expensive and highly stylized
videos targeted towards specific audiences in different languages. In a video by the
Al-Hayat, a white Canadian jihadist in his 20s encourages
other westerners to join up. In other videos, directed towards more local recruits, ISIS
propaganda stresses their religious duty above all else. Recently, ISIS released a video
with sign language, meant to attract deaf and mute people to their ranks.
The ads are all meant to appeal to young people, and they are distributed through relatively
“new” platforms of communication. Ads with kittens and internet jokes - these humanize
jihadists and show the viewer an idyllic life in Syria - fighting for an oppressed community.
In short, ISIS videos make jihad look alluring and meaningful.
This portrayal, coupled with their deft use of social media and propaganda, could be why
so many foreign fighters have joined the ranks of ISIS.
If you want to learn more about ISIS, make sure you check out our full playlist of videos
right here, including this one about the symbolism of their flag. There’s a link to that video
in the description below, please check it out now. Thanks for watching TestTube, let
us know if there are any questions you want us to look into!
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Why Is ISIS So Good At Recruiting?

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羅紹桀 published on July 14, 2015    Brannndy translated    James reviewed
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