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  • Hi, my name is Peter aka GP and this is the third episode of my fingerstyle tutorial series

  • called Fingerstyle 101.

  • In the previous lesson we learnt how to pick with our fingers

  • and also practiced some basic picking patterns.

  • This time we'll take a look at rhythm picking

  • so grab your guitar and let's get into this!

  • Alright, so you should know that I've figured out a lot of stuff by myself, as I have

  • mentioned earlier

  • so this might not be the technique's proper name,

  • but I'll just call it rhythm picking. It's a very essential part of playing fingerstyle.

  • Basically, this technique adds a certain rhythm to your playing,

  • almost as if you were drumming while playing the guitar.

  • This is probably the hardest part of playing fingerstyle,

  • atleast it was for me but trust me,

  • it's totally worth it. There are 2 types of this technique:

  • The first one is hitting the strings, and the second one is hitting the guitar.

  • Let's go through both of them.

  • So basically what you want to do is hit the strings

  • with your right hand. I can't tell you exactly how because it depends on what notes you're

  • picking at the moment and also

  • every guitarist has a unique style, so I'm going to show you

  • some examples so you can get the basic idea

  • of this method and then you can experiment with it until you find

  • the most suitable way for you. So there are times when you only want to use your thumb

  • to hit the strings - most of the times because you don't

  • have to pick any other notes at the same time

  • and it's like this.

  • So you just move your

  • thumb from above and hit the strings.

  • Another way of doing this is to use your thumb and index finger aswell.

  • Personally, I use this most of the times - you pick the

  • actual melody note with your index finger but also hit the string

  • with it. You hit the strings with your thumb

  • just like in the previous method and

  • my index finger is like this

  • and its springs out this way

  • I'll be able to pick the note and also hit the strings at the same time.

  • And it's like this.

  • It might take some time to master

  • I remember it took me a couple of weeks aswell. I actually learnt this technique

  • while I was arranging "Good Time" by Owl City.

  • So what I'm trying to say is don't get discouraged

  • if you can't master this technique in 10 minutes - it's a pretty hard one

  • but believe me, it's a really effective technique and will spice up your playing a lot.

  • Just keep on practicing

  • and I'm sure that you'll get it figured out.

  • If you managed to hit the strings but failed to get a clean melody note

  • in the meantime - don't move on, go back and

  • try it again untul you get it right. This might be annoying while practicing

  • but this way your hand will get used to being precise and that's really important.

  • So as I've already mentioned, this technique requires you to hit the wood

  • of the guitar with your right hand. This will result in a

  • deeper sound, like a kick drum. You need to hit the guitar with your wrist.

  • And it goes like this.

  • Actually, let me take this off.

  • Don't let your hand

  • move around a lot, because that way you won't be able to

  • pick the notes at the same time.

  • Be sure to rest your elbow on the guitar

  • so this way your arm and hand will be stable and fixed.

  • Sticking to the previous 4 chords, here's an example

  • for you to practice this technique.

  • So that was the 3rd lesson of Fingerstyle 101, I hope it was helpful.

  • In the next episode, we'll learn how to play harmonics. If you have any questions,

  • suggestions or requests for the upcoming lessons,

  • feel free to leave a comment below, send me a private message or contact me on Facebook.

  • Thanks for watching, see you next time!

Hi, my name is Peter aka GP and this is the third episode of my fingerstyle tutorial series

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[Tutorial]Fingerstyle 101 - Lesson 3: Rhythm Picking (String Slapping & Wrist Bumping)

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