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We're reviewing the Perixx AX-3000 Gaming Headset. It's a very simple headset, but does
the budget price affect the performance? Let's find out in this review.
The Perixx headset is simple in its design. There's no extra parts to lose, attach, or
manipulate. It features a built in microphone that rotates in almost any direction. The
headband is adjustable and the earpads are a leather imitation. The cable is braided
and 6ft long with a gold plated USB interface. I always value USB headset because you don't
need a strong sound card to run them. The headset also has a convenient volume and microphone
enable or disable switch which is always a necessity.
This audio is from the microphone on the headset. It gets the job done for voice communication
or skype sessions, but if you are looking to create voice overs for gaming commentary
you'll of course need a professional condenser microphone.
The Perixx headset comes in at a budget price of $29.99 which is about $40 lower than premium
wired headsets. In comparison the sound quality is fair. It's got a lot of bass, but it lacks
clarity compared to premium headsets. Also the comfort level is just kind of average
to me. I can't picture keeping it on for an extended gaming session. I also wish that
the microphone was detachable if you don't need it or just want to temporarily remove
However I always judge price vs performance and I would say that the AX-3000 does deliver
a simple solution for someone who just wants to get the job done. The AX-3000 can work
well in a value gaming setup or even with a laptop for portable use.
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Be sure to watch our other reviews on the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset or the Perixx
Gaming Mouse.
Positives: Budget Price
7.1 Virtual Surround Sound 6FT Braided Cable
USB Interface Audio Controls
Negatives: Mic is not detachable
Comfort Could Be Better Sound quality is fair
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Perixx AX-3000 Gaming Headset Review / Inexpensive Budget Gaming Headset?

644 Folder Collection
tobosu published on July 9, 2015
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