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My name is Yoya Takahashi.
I've been making sushi almost 15 years.
Today, I'm going to be sampling cheap sushi.
Oh, it's nice in price.
This is "California Sampler".
I use hand, that's what I do.
Fake crab...
Avocado pretty nice...
That's too mushy.
This is not sushi rice, actually.
Taste-wise I'm feeling only avocado's taste.
One star.
Wow, I always go there
...to go shopping
Do you ever get their sushi?
Let's smell.
Bad shrimp smell.
I have to eat this one?
They're frozen.
The rice is gonna be so hardened.
Wow...I literally can't say anything.
This is crazy.
Zero star.
Minus zero star or something.
Sorry guys.
This is nice and kinda pricey actually.
What happened to wasabi?
Looks like... How do you say in English?
When I was a kid and played around.
Sushi rice is kinda pretty nice...
Also kinda fresh.
I cannot grab it.
It's kinda too soft.
In other ones, they're just smushed, but this is...
I can see the rice...whole rice.
Yeah also salmon, too...
Salmon's pretty good here.
Two point five stars.
Looks like...kinda nice.
What's the pink residue?
That's coming from the fish...
I mean Frozen fish have so much water.
Is that bad?
I mean...
I don't wanna eat actually.
Let's try...
This is kinda nice quality frozen tuna.
I mean still kinda sad.
Zero point five.
But tuna quality (is) pretty ok,
This salmon's gonna be...
It's not frozen.
This is kinda tasty.
Need wasabi a little bit inside.
Sushi rice...
I like more like a vinegar flavor.
That's why I like it.
I'm feeling...
Three stars.
Final thoughts on the selections?
They use the same ingredients...
I mean same rice.
I understand, you know.
Sometimes you wanna eat sushi...
And you go to the store.
Generally, I would choose a sandwich.
or a hamburger.
To eat sushi. Please...
Come into the restaurant.
You guys, talk to a sushi chef.
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Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi

18342 Folder Collection
葉子維 published on July 10, 2015    葉子維 translated    Rose reviewed
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