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Probably not, actualIy:
I've been off Dr: Pepper for two weeks:
This is water:
Good for you:
Angie, I think your water broke:
Wait, what?
Your water is breaking:
I got to get a bus to take me to the hospital:
Let me drive you, I'II drive you:
Okay, hold this:
I'm not due for three weeks: I know:
Should we clean that up?
No, somebody else wilI get that:
This is realIy happening, isn't it?
This is realIy happening:
It's so weird, 'cause I feel totalIy calm:
Come on, it feels Iike I'm shitting a knife: Okay:
Why won't you bitches help me?
Just breathe:
Okay, I'II take it from here:
I want to go with her:
Are you family?
She's my sister:
WelI, okay:
Oh, God, holy:::
This way: Sorry, sorry:
Give me some drugs: Give me this: You don't need drugs:
I want those drugs: No:
You'II never get me, pig!
Get out of my way!
Oh, God!
Is that guy dead? Is he dead?
We need some olive oil to rub on my taint:
It's too Iate: It's too Iate:
Okay, this is gonna go great:
It's twins:
I don't know what you're crying about:
I gotta walk out of here alone:
That's a good joke, Dr: Manheim:
Okay, and give me a big one:
Big one! Whoa!
Nothing: Okay: AII right, ready?
Kate, I'm so glad you're here:
You don't Iook good, by the way:
I feel a Iittle dizzy:
Okay: Okay, and give me a big one:
Big one: Whoa:
CAROLINE: Good morning:
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Baby Mama (10/11) Movie CLIP - Angie's Water Breaks (2008) HD

980 Folder Collection
fisher published on April 15, 2013
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