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  • The advice I'd give a student about feeling different,

  • honestly, I think everyone is different and unique

  • and that's a good thing, it's not bad.

  • It's kinda the best thing in the world.

  • You don't want to be like everyone else.

  • Growing up in high school and just junior high,

  • just your whole life really either

  • you have been taught to feel like

  • or you want to be like everyone else

  • because conceptually you'll be included

  • and you'll be like the crowd.

  • But when you think about it, when

  • you look at, um, people like Lady Gaga who

  • is so crazy, and so different, and so

  • unique and her whole message is about, you know, being yourself

  • and being okay with it.

  • And she - the reason she is so successful and so

  • is because she's talented, because she's different.

  • If she was just like Brittany Spears or if she was just like,

  • Nina - me, Nina Dobrev then there would be two of us

  • so there'd be nothing special about that.

  • So I think what's - what's special is the fact that you're

  • different and is the fact that you're unique

  • and that you can bring something to the table.

  • So if anything, embrace that uniqueness and that, that thing

  • that you have that no one else does and expand upon it

  • and make it better and tell everyone about it

  • and be confident in it.

  • Because if you're confident, and happy, and smiling

  • you will attract confidence, happiness, and laughter.

The advice I'd give a student about feeling different,

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