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Do you think I'm a good dancer?
That is an honest answer.
(Marcel laughs)
Well, you're not that great.
Couples Take A Lie Detector Test
You know, I think the biggest problem in our relationship is that Dan is a really big liar.
I have a lot of serious questions and I want some serious answers.
Oh no.
I'm just gonna tell the truth.
I'm gonna be 100% honest.
I'm gonna tell the truth unless it makes me look bad.
I'm not gonna lie, but I think if I had to lie, I would have passed it.
So there's the potential that you would lie?
I'm not going to lie.
(dramatic music)
Do you think that it's my responsibility to cook dinner for us and wash the dishes?
That is the truth.
(Marcel laughs)
Do you think that you're funnier than me?
That is showing truthful.
That's interesting based on our careers.
Do you trust me?
That's registering as the truth.
Do you think I have bad taste in clothes?
Hold on, no.
I wouldn't be able to use that response.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
(Allison laughs)
It's hard to say.
It's not bad, it's just not the best.
Have you ever had a sex dream about one of your friends?
And did you bottom?
(Marcel laughs)
I'm getting anxiety on that one.
That would register as a lie.
Have you ever wanted to break up?
He's being truthful.
Woah, thank God!
Everyone is relieved.
(dramatic music)
When I was out of town did you clean the litter box every day like you said you did?
That is a truthful answer.
I knew it.
Do you think that you're a better person than me?
That is true.
(Dan laughs)
Will we ever move in together?
That is not an honest answer.
(Marcel laughs)
Do you trust me?
- No. - Come back to that.
If I were to go by the machine, "no", is the honest answer, yes.
Hmmm, interesting.
Will you go to Pittsburgh with me ever to visit my family?
That is also a lie.
Do you think that we'll still be dating in six months time?
I hope so.
I couldn't use any of....in a kinda court of law.
OK, do you think that we'll be dating in--
Ask if I want to be dating in six months.
Yeah, but that's, OK fine.
Would you like to still be dating in six months?
That's what matters.
Any Final Thoughts On Taking A Lie Detector Test?
Even though I wasn't happy with all of the honest answers, I guess it's better to have a horrible honest answer than a horrible lie.
I feel closer because I didn't think he would care to ask the questions he asked.
Some things you don't need to know necessarily.
I agree.
Like do you really need to know if like I wanna go with you to Pittsburgh?
I'll just go and I'll act like I want to go.
That's true.
Isn't that fine, like acting every once in a while?
Sometimes you have to lie in a relationship, so it doesn't get too rocky.
I hope that now we're closer to being totally trusting of one another.
Which would be great.
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Couples Take A Lie Detector Test

71147 Folder Collection
Joyce Lee published on July 4, 2017    Vivi Lee translated    陳怡平 reviewed
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