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  • (upbeat music)

  • - I have a feeling that the Italian version

  • is probably better and less preserverty tasting.

  • This is adorable. This is so adorable. I love it.

  • - Visually these look pretty much the same.

  • - Color, exactly the same.

  • - One of them smells more...

  • hazlenut-y.

  • And I'm guessing that that's the Italian one.

  • - My immediate reaction is that this one's

  • a little nuttier and this one's a little more chocolate-y.

  • - This one has more sugar in it.

  • Which makes me think it's the American one.

  • I'm almost positive that this is the Italian one

  • 'cause the milk tastes different and it's less sugary.

  • This is the American one.

  • (bell ringing)

  • Italy is just doing everything better than we are.

  • (buzzer ringing)

  • - I think this one's Italian. I think this one's American.

  • (buzzer ringing)

  • (bell ringing)

  • - I'm gonna say this one's American. This one's Italian.

  • (buzzer ringing)

  • This is like the first time a non-American version

  • of something was the sweeter version.

  • (bell ringing)

  • - Go to a world market. Go to a farmer's market.

  • Go to a black market. I don't care.

  • Get the Nutella that you need in your life

  • because this is so different.

  • And so much better.

(upbeat music)

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Italian Vs. American Nutella Taste Test

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    Joyce Lee posted on 2015/07/07
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