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Hello Everybody! Markiplier here, and thank you guys SO much for being with me through 1,000 videos.
It's hard to even imagine how we've gotten from this point, and I really wanted to do something special for the 1,000 subscriber milestone.
Or, not 1,000 subscriber, 1,000 video milestone. And I think this video is really going to explain to you guys how I got here from point A to point B.
And how you guys have helped change my life. Because, these things are really important to me because they tell how I became the person that I am.
And I really do appreciate you guys for sticking with me.
I was born on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean called O'ahu which is the 3rd largest island of Hawaii,
and home to the city of Honolulu, where I was born on a military base.
My Dad was a career army man, he'd been in the army 23 years before he retired.
Apparently while he was stationed in Korea he met my Mom. A pretty common story, I've heard.
But the result of them meeting was me. A beautiful baby.
That... is not really beautiful there but my artistic skills are lacking.
ANYWAY, regardless of all that I was born, and I was born awesome. And muscular.
I was a gigantic baby apparently, which my mom reminds me of every once in a while.
I was ten pounds and three ounces, and therefore they named me Mark.
All muscle of course. DON'T DOUBT ME!
Shortly after I was born my Dad retired from the military to pick up a job as a layout artist for a book company of some sort.
But, either way we ended up in Cincinnati Ohio of all places.
Not really sure why because I don't think we have any family here.
Ah, either way we moved into this awesome home with a gigantic back yard
that led into these really amazing woods where me and my
brother spent most of our time. I mean, if we weren't on the computer.
We were in the woods playing in the creek, picking up tad-poles, cutting vines, swinging on them.
I mean, we really bonded together in those woods and that's one of the things I miss most about that house,
but when we weren't in the woods we were playing on this magical
device called the computer that my Dad introduced us to at a very early age.
I mean, seriously, this thing blew my mind at the time because
I could not imagine ever living without it.
I mean, he told me stories about how computers were ancient and filled up entire rooms
but I was just flabbergasted that it could do what it did.
I didn't even know about the internet back then.
There were a few games on the computer but the REAL experience
that I got from gaming came from the Super Nintendo system that my brother got for Christmas.
I mean, this thing was the reason that me and my brother are so close today
because we played so many games together with it. That's my brother over on the left.
His name is Tom, and that's me on the right as you can tell I'm still more awesome but
he's a pretty cool guy and I don't think I'd be who I am today without him.
Sadly it wasn't all happy times back then. My Dad and my Mom fought a lot.
And by fought a lot I mean my Mom fought a lot and my Dad had to reciprocate.
Um, she wasn't happy were she was and, well, we didn't understand why but me and my brother
just tried to distract ourselves with video games. You know, try to ignore it when we can.
But eventually that stopped working. It was pretty inevitable but the divorce finally came.
And we were pretty sad but we were more sad to see our Dad
just kind of cave in, I mean, we were out of money.
Half of the income was gone so we had to loose the house and we couldn't buy as many games
as we had before so we lost out on a lot of gaming but at least
we got to keep the computer and that's what really sparked
my love of computers and technology. I should also mention
that I was a pretty dumb kid. Me and my brother had a contest
where we would try to jump as high as we could off the stairs
and see who could land on a cushion on the bottom.
I was gonna win but I ended up cracking my skull open on the
bottom step. This will make more sense later, but as I mentioned
before, I was a DUMB kid. When we moved out of the house,
I could no longer go to the private school that we were going to
which was perfectly fine with me, because I didn't really care,
but it's all that I knew. I didn't even understand what lockers were all about when I went to the new school.
I mean, just everything was perfectly foreign to me and I didn't
have an escape, I didn't go to the woods anymore, and I lost
pretty much all of my friends and had to start all over.
It was a pretty dark time for me because I had no idea what I was doing.
But, anyway, I made some friends but I accidently did
something else stupid and I was having a "How far off the
monkey bars can you jump contest" and I was gonna win...
but I ended up falling on the ground... and breaking my arm
like, really badly, both bones and stuff popping out everywhere
BUT this is actually a good thing, (that's my brother there shocked)
but this is a good thing because this led to me finding some
friends, and you may ask, "Well, how did that happen?"
Well it happened like this, I had a cast on my arm
and I couldn't do things like sharpen my pencil. So this
really awesome guy named Drew decided that he was gonna
help me. And Drew is a tall red head but he was a cool
guy anyway. He also got me more into band. Which is where
I made a bunch more friends. And where I blew his face off
with my awesome trumpeting skills. HUCHA!
Eventually after dating around for a long time my Dad found
someone that we could all agree on, she was pretty much the
nicest person we ever met and her name was Dee.
And, I mean, I agreed with her because she bought us a Playstation 2,
and I was pretty excited at the time, but also she did
something that we couldn't do at that time and she made
my Dad happy. And that was pretty much the most important
thing that anyone could do. And, from then on High School
started to become a breeze. I was moving through the grades,
you know, doing fine, being a good student. I made a lot of
great friends, both in band and out of band. I got to play some
great games, you know. I was really happy with what I'd done, like, Half Life 2 and stuff.
And I had a few girlfriends here and there, you know.
And that's always pretty fun when you're just a young teenager
first experiencing the wonders of a relationship and making
out and stuff. That was pretty cool. And all in all things were
looking up from that period where we didn't really have anything
and didn't have games again, and were kind of unhappy
drifting through life, so, things were looking up all the way
to going to college. I was really excited to finally be able to
go out on my own. But then, my father brought me some
bad news. He put a piece of paper in front of me and just
let me read it without saying anything, and I was a pretty
smart kid so I understood every word that it said, all the
techno mumbo jumbo, but the main thing is that basically in
big bold letters it said, "CANCER", and the really bad kind
of cancer. So, that was a really tough time for me because I
kind of lost sight of what I was doing. Everything seemed kind
of clear to me before but right now everything was kind
of just getting away from me. I thought I knew exactly what I
wanted to do, which was make video games. I wanted to do
it, and my Dad didn't agree with me, but I thought that was
what I was going to do. However, I started to realize that
games might not work, so I kind of put that off the table
and focused on going to engineering. I was originally in
civil engineering but moved into bio-medical engineering
because they had a medical school program but that didn't
work out either. I didn't want to do that. So I flip-flopped back
to engineering again. Then I thought, "Hey, if I'm going to do
what I want to do, I got to do games. " And I really couldn't
decide what I was going to do with my life. I was kind of at a
cross roads and just frustrated.
Then one year later we were all home for summer and my
Dad was getting pretty bad with cancer and he wasn't himself
anymore. But one morning we were all woken up by my
step-mom, Dee, screaming and we went down stairs to see
that my Dad was dying. And the last words that he said to me
were "I love you, so much". And I held my Dad's hand as he died.
After my Dad died I became more confused than I was before.
Because I was so far into engineering that I didn't think that I
could get out anymore and I was stuck in these mind-numbing
co-op jobs that were literally me sitting at a computer eight
hours a day doing two hours worth of work and nothing else.
It was absolutely horrible and I didn't want to do that for the
rest of my life. And I didn't have time for games. I didn't have
an escape. I had no idea what I was going to do, so I kind of
drifted for a few years. And I dated in and out from girl to girl
but I eventually met this one girl who I kind of liked and she
was really cool and really nice, and her name will be.... Barbara.
That's what we're going to call her for now. Her name will be
Barbara with a C. But anyway, I finally brought her to my Mom
who I was living with because after my Dad died I didn't have
my own place and she did not approve which made me mad.
And she was kind of confused. I was very upset because my
Mom got so mad that she eventually kicked me out.
There's more to it than that but that's basically the long and the
short of it. So I got mad and she got mad and then I went off
and got my own apartment because I had a job at the time,
that crummy co-op job, but it was still a job. Unfortunately,
after I got my new place my boss told me three days before
I was supposed to come in for the new quarter that I didn't
need to show up. Which made me more mad, but I didn't
yell at my boss, professionalism and all that, but at the end of
the day I was running out of money and my girlfriend wasn't
helping me and then she started getting mad at me for not
being able to do something or other, I can't really remember
why she was mad, she was mad so often, but eventually this
caused a schism in the relationship, and the stress started to
get to me. I was sadder and sadder than I was before and I
just couldn't be in the relationship anymore but, after we left
each other I was stuck alone in my apartment and I didn't
know what to do. And I had this suspicious pain in my side
that turned into extraordinary pain in my side. And this
extraordinary pain plagued me for a bit until one day I woke
up in so much pain that I had to go to the hospital. So I went to
the hospital where they told me that my appendix was about
the size of a beach ball and needed to come out immediately.
They also told me that I had a tumor the size of a fist in my adrenal gland
and that needed to come out too, but at a later date. So this
was pretty shocking news and on top of everything that had
happened already. I was pretty much stressed enough as it is
but I managed to truck through it somehow, thankfully for
reconciling with my mom and my step-mom was still there
for me. The surgeries went well and I ended up recovering
in the hospital for about two weeks and had a lot of time to
think about what I'd done. And the more thinking I did the
more frustrated I became. Just, it seemed like everything
in my life was completely out of my control and I had no choice
in the matter. So finally I decided that enough was enough and
I was going to do what I wanted. But I was still stuck in the
hospital so I got angrier every day. ARGH! So when I finally
did get out of the hospital I decided that I was going to do
my own thing and what I decided what I was going to do was
sketch comedy videos. So I ended up using my tax refund that
I had to buy a camera. I ended up doing very little with this
camera immediately. So I decided to focus on a few things
before I got started. I got better with my grades in engineering.
I decided to dedicate myself to playing games that I wanted to
play, and the eventually I decided that I was going to make my
own identity, on the internet, and more specifically, on YouTube.
Where I was able to start a channel that finally made me happy.
I didn't even care that I didn't have that many subscribers in
the beginning because even the few people that did watch me
I was more than happy to do everything it took to entertain
them. But as I kept playing things started exploding. Like, the
subscriber count went crazy and now I have more subscribers
than I know what to do with. And I'm just happy that anyone watches my videos.
And that's what really changed my life. And this happened very
recently. Like, before I was totally out of control of everything.
And now, I'm finally able to do what I love. So, Thank you guys.
Sincerely. I owe everything in my life right now, to the support
that you have given me. I was lost before. I had no purpose before.
But now we're able to change the world, do good, raise
money for chairty, do just everything we want to do to help
improve the world. And I am so grateful that you guys decided
that I was worthy enough to subscribe to. So, sincerely,
thank you guys, so much. I owe you everything that I have now.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
You guys are the best fans in the world. So, thank you again.
So Much.
And as always, I WILL SEE YOU, in the next video. BYE BYE!
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