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  • Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.

  • Narrated by Jonathan Jones.

  • Under the Covers.

  • Tonight's like every other night. You lay there, in the dark and silence, alone, with

  • no company other than your thoughts. You shift and roll throughout your bed, just you and

  • your thoughts. You ponder, you plan and you fantasize; anything to distract you from the

  • ringing silence, silence that surrounds you. You hear a creak, a common sound to hear on

  • such a still night, but you still recoil when the sound hits your ears. You hear this sound

  • almost every night, but the sheer unexpectedness sets off a trigger in your head as paranoia

  • takes over. The thoughts that once illuminated your mind are now darkened. What was once

  • pleasure and success has now turned to demons and killers.

  • The silence that your mind was distracting you from has now become the focus. You lay

  • there, silent, listening for any obscure sound, hoping that the silence doesn't leave. Every

  • little noise adds to your paranoia and the silence lingers as you await the next unexpected

  • occurrence. You're too afraid to open your eyes at the thought of seeing anything your

  • mind can conjure. So you lay there alone in fear.

  • The fear builds in your mind as you try to find a quick escape from anything it creates.

  • You revert to your childhood solution, hiding under the covers. You pull the blanket over

  • your head and lay in silence. You hear noises, but they don't seem as scary. You figure if

  • they can't see you, you're safe. The heat builds up under your blanket, but you put

  • up with it simply for the comfort it supplies. You begin to calm down and relax and revert

  • back to your usual logical self. It's just you and your thoughts again, alone,

  • under your blanket. You think of how silly it was to get so scared and worked up over

  • a silly little noise. Eyes closed, you lift the blanket off of your face as the built

  • up heat is released. You breathe a sigh of relief and roll over, only to hear a deep,

  • grating voice whisper, "Oh, there you are," as the sound of footsteps creeps towards your

  • bed.

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights.

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