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OK, let's get started
This song is called "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and the part I just played was an intro of the song.
This song was covered by Jake Shimabukuro and this song was originally made by George Harrison from The Beatles.
I thought this intro part is pretty cool, so I want you to master this intro.
And, because I learned how to play this intro recently, I want to share this intro with you guys.
Now, let's get started!
OK let's try first part.
Well, to play this intro, you'll only use your right hand thumb.
Only thumb!
At the last part, you'll use your index finger, but basically you'll use only your thumb for intro.
At first, play open 3rd string strongly.
If you don't play strongly, it will not be cool, so put your all strength to play open 3rd string with strong bass sound.
After that, put your ring finger on 3rd fret of 2nd string and slide your finger to 8th fret.
Let me play the first part.
Something like that.
Next, after sliding finger, put your finger on 6th fret of the 1st string and play.
And, after doing that, play 8th fret of 1st string with your ring finger.
Let me play that part.
Something like that.
Next part requires technique called bending and you'll need to bend the string.
To bend strings, keep putting your ring finger with your index and middle finger.
And then, bend the string.
Some people may wonder why the heck they should use three fingers to bend the string and they might want to go by using only one finger to bend.
The reason why you should 3 fingers to bend the string is that you can get more stable and higher sound.
If you use only one finger, it's going to be like:
Sounds like it doesn't reach to the top.
If you put three fingers, it is going to be like:
It's going to be much more stable and you can feel tone is a lot different from using only one finger.
So, I think using three fingers is a lot useful to play ukulele and sounds much more cooler.
So, bend the string with three fingers and play the string twice with bending.
Let me play this part.
Something like that:
This is a first part of the intro, and if you want to practice, you can pause this lesson and take time to practice. And, after you are able to play this part, resume the video please.
OK, here's the next part.
Next part is, put your index finder on 6th fret of the 1st string, and play once. Then, use your ring finger to do hammering and pulling on 8th fret of 1st string.
What's hammering and pulling? Hold your index finger and play once, and then, tap the fret with your ring finger.
Right after doing that, pull your ring finger from the string. This technique is called pulling.
This is hammering.
This is pulling.
Play those technique at the same time, and something like:
And then, after doing this, play 8th fret of 2nd string.
After that, play 6th fret of the 1st string again. Then, play 8th fret of 2nd string, and 6th fret of the 2nd string.
Something like this.
And then, next part is, after playing this, keep your 3 fingers again, and put your ring finger on 8th fret of 2nd string to bend.
Just bend once.
I just bended.
After doing that, play 6th fret of 2nd string, and then, play 7th fret of 3rd string. Then play 6th fret of 2nd string again and play 7th fret of 3rd string again.
Something like that.
Let me play from the beginning.
Something like this.
I stop playing and take your time to practice.
Let's move on.
After doing this, play open 3rd string strongly again.
Then, play 3rd fret of 3rd string, then play 1st fret of 2nd string. Then play 1st fret of 2 string.
This is an easy part, so you can get it!
After that, put your index finger on 1st fret of 2nd string and use hammering, pulling techniques again.
Use your middle finger to tap and pull 2nd fret of 2nd string.
Something like this:
Right after doing that, play 3rd fret of 3rd string.
Repeat the part, which after doing hammering and pulling.
After doing that, play 1st fret of 2nd string and slide finger from 2nd fret to 3rd fret twice.
Something like that:
OK, let's move on next part.
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"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" Intro Tutorial Part 1

514 Folder Collection
郭今杰 published on July 5, 2015
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