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  • Here we go. OK.

  • Hang on. Hang on.

  • Roman, girls, I'm back.

  • I got everything. I'm here.

  • I'll have you out in a second. Just a minute. Hold on.

  • I'm sorry it took so long. I'll explain later.

  • Just a sec. Get off me. I got a rope.

  • You'll be fine. I'm gonna tie a rope at the end of this thing.

  • I'm gonna throw it down

  • and, one at a time, I'll pull you up, OK?

  • Here comes the rope. Watch your heads.

  • Here it comes.

  • All right, have you got it?

  • OK. You got it? Good.

  • You let me know when you're ready to come up, OK?

  • Then I'll pull you up.

  • Fine, you're ready.

  • Just a second.

  • OK, girls, Uncle Chet's here. OK.

  • Roman, you could help, you know.

  • All right. One, two, three, go.

  • Hey, what the hell are you doing?

  • When I say ready, huh? When I say ready.

  • All right. I'm ready.

  • Come on. Help out a bit, will you?

  • Here it comes. We'll be going home soon.

  • Roman and I are going to have a talk, later on.

  • We're going to talk about helping people.

  • OK. Here we go. Everybody help Uncle Chet.

  • Come on.

  • We did it. I did it.

  • A baldheaded bear!

Here we go. OK.

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The Great Outdoors (9/10) Movie CLIP - Chet and the Bald Bear (1988) HD

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