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  • - What are you up to? - What's it look like?

  • - It looks like you're wanking your crank. - I'm trying to build a fire.

  • You'll never get a fire going that way.

  • You don't crumple a newspaper up, you twist it,

  • lengthwise, to simulate kindling.

  • Maybe, Roman, just maybe, I'm trying to heat up the flue.

  • He's heating the flue. Meanwhile, the humans are freezing to death.

  • - I'm really not cold. Not at all. - Thank you for sharing that.

  • I'm so sorry, Roman. Forgive me.

  • Why don't you come over and show me how to do it?

  • You talk a great game, let's see some action.

  • After all, you know everything. You always know exactly what to do.

  • Katie, you were right, we should have gone to Europe

  • or Antarctica or the Dead Sea.

  • We would have had more fun.

  • Is that a fact? Nobody forced you to come up here, buddy boy.

  • As a matter of fact, I don't remember anybody inviting you.

  • Do you remember inviting him?

  • I sure as hell don't.

  • - And what does that statement mean? - You figure it out for yourself.

  • You specify, you clarify for me. Just as a common courtesy.

  • - You know what he means. - They're saying we're not welcome.

  • Oh! What did I hear? We've got a bingo!

  • You did figure it out, Kate.

  • So, now it's all starting to ooze out. It's very interesting, isn't it?

  • Yeah, very.

  • Especially since we threw aside our plans, and we had a great trip planned,

  • to come up here to show these dead-asses

  • how to start to learn to have a good time.

  • Thanks for ruining my vacation.

  • What was that? Ruining your vacation? Is that what you said?

  • Oh, come on, I don't believe I heard you say that.

  • - You'd better believe it. - Don't push it.

  • You ain't even seen pushing yet. The trouble with you, Ripley,

  • is you wouldn't know a good time if it fell on you.

  • You got an awful lot of nerve, a lot of nerve.

  • It's served me well. I'm the one with the Mercedes.

  • By the way, is it paid for?

  • - Are you jealous, Chester? - Don't call me Chester.

  • Call me that and you'll go home with a dent in your forehead.

  • - Yeah, that'll be the day. - Would you like one to match his?

  • - You wanna go right now? - Dad, no one's denting anybody.

  • - Thanks, Bucky. - Bite the big one, Uncle Roman.

  • - Don't talk to adults that way. - Why not?

  • - Because it's rude. - Oh, blow it out your ass.

- What are you up to? - What's it look like?

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The Great Outdoors (8/10) Movie CLIP - It All Starts to Ooze Out (1988) HD

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