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Suhrun-mitraar-yudaaseena madhyastha-dveshya-bandhushu l
Saadhush-vapi cha paapeshu samabuddhir-vishishyate ll
The Translation:
The one who feels the same towards an affectionate person, a friend and enemy, the indifferent,
the neutral, the hateful one, the unfriendly, the noble one or a sinner is said to be established
in a superior state.
Understand these few basic sacred secrets. Meditation is not an action. It is a lifestyle.
That is why in the chapter on Meditation, Bhagvan is talking about all these things.
You can never start meditating, you can only become meditative. Understand, there is a
vast difference between starting meditation or becoming meditative. Meditation is not
a Anacin, Metacin, Antidepressant. No! Meditation is not Anacin, Metacin, Antidepressant. Please
understand, meditation cannot be just repairing something in you. It has to completely transform
Meditating is different; being meditative is different. In this verse Bhagavan is very
clear; your whole life should become meditative. The whole life should become meditative. Yesterday
he was addressing objects, yesterday Bhagavan was saying, explaining in the last verse,
how not to be disturbed by objects.
Now Bhagavan is going to the next step, how not to be disturbed by the persons. Actually
the seventh, eighth, ninth verses of Bhagavad Gita, these three verses can become a powerful
samyama. First he has given us the technique to work with cold, heat, unpleasant, pleasant
situations. Then he took us to the next level working with the fear-based mental setup and
greed-based mental setup where you are free from the concept of greed. Now he is taking
us to the next level, where he is making us free from the concept of higher, lower human
beings. First he liberates us from atmosphere, weather, outer/inner. Outer is heat and cold.
Inner is pleasant, unpleasant. Then he liberates us from the greed, objects.
Sama loshtashma kanchanah – where you are free from cold; time and/or mud or a stone.
He is making us free from the greed based patterns, greed. Now he is liberating us from
human beings, sufferings that can be caused by human beings.
How when you drink more and more honey, only then you understand and enjoy it, same way
only I am enjoying this Bhagavad Gita. Understand, through this verse, Bhagavan is liberating
us from fear-based system. Yesterday itself I spoke on fear-based, greed-based, both the
systems. But yesterday’s verse, Bhagavan’s Bhagavad Gita verse was talking only about
the greed. Sama loshtashma kanchanah. He was only talking about having impartiality between
mud, stone or Gold.
Today he talks about the power-based system, human beings, power-based systems. Please
understand, power-based system is a product of human unconsciousness, greed-based system
is a product of human sub-consciousness. Understand, power-based system is product of collective
human un-consciousness; greed-based system is product of collective human sub-consciousness.
You may ask ‘what is the difference?’ Unconscious means completely, the parts of
which you are not unaware ( should be ‘aware’ ? ) but you try to make it aware, without
awakening that unconscious into the super-conscious.
Everybody has the feeling to become Lord of the Universe. You can become if you make your
unconscious into conscious and super-conscious. When you make your unconscious into conscious,
you will become Lord of you. When you raise that to super-conscious, you will be the Lord
of whatever is in your space. More than the word Lord, I will use, you be in tune with
the whole. This is the right way of becoming Lord of the Universe. But instead you try
to become a power center through political power. I tell you even in the school, the
class leader is nothing but political power! Why, why even in the school we can’t survive
without a leader? Why should somebody aspire to be a class leader?
First time I resisted this political structure is when I was appointed as a class leader,
when I was in the seventh standard, I still remember, the teacher, she was a Jain family,
teacher. I used to be little tall, so usually that is the standard. The tall, last bench,
last row guys, they will only be made as leaders. There is no other standard. One day she caught
me. Unfortunately that day I went to school! Usually I don’t go! Somehow I went to the
school, may be 1st day of the school, like that, those auspicious days I don’t miss!
She caught hold of me and she said you are the leader of the class. I said “what do
you mean leader? I don’t even come to the class regularly!” She said “That is why
I am making you leader. If you are leader, you have to come and regularly take the attendance
and you have to keep the class under control”. And I said “Nothing doing!”
Leaders are the greatest followers! They lose their freedom. They become leader to have
freedom, finally they lose their freedom!
When I studied actually, the school was not like this, it was only thatched. Now only
it has become RCC building! It was just thatched hut! Then in Tamilnadu there was a law made
that - No thatched hut, schools! That is why they changed into building.
Anyhow, politicians even though they are Heads of each constituency, members, they don’t
have freedom to go to 10 day’s vacation! See if I want one day after Inner Wakening
is over, I can simply start, go wherever I want. I have more freedom! Anyhow, forget
about them.
So I told my teacher “No, I will not be leader!” She insisted. Then we got into
the argument. I said “Leaders are the people who are not able to lead themselves, so they
go on trying to satisfy that unable to control themselves by controlling others”. When
you are not able to lead you, that unfulfillment, you try to fulfill by leading others or trying
to lead others. Leading others is the ultimate hypocrisy! He also knows he is not going to
listen to you; he will topple you down, the moment he gets a chance. What is leadership?
Group of followers waiting to topple down one person! That one person is called Leader.
The unconsciousness, when it is not able to express, through the proper channel and it
finds shortcut to fulfill its ambition, it is called power structure.
When the sub-consciousness is not able to fulfill its purpose, the perversion it creates
is greed structure. Let me explain this sub-consciousness. What is sub-consciousness? Sub-consciousness
is nothing but the space where you dump your unfulfilled, but imagined, visualized, fantasies.
For example, if you are fasting by suppressing your desires for food, in three days, you
will see in the dream you are feasting! And I tell you, my Niraharies, not single one
of them has a dream about eating! That is the beauty! Only now when I said, you even
Understand, in usual fasting it is a law, if you fast for three days, you will see that
you are eating, having feast in the dream. I am telling you with confidence without even
asking you guys that none of you guys will have even dream about food, because your samyama
is not based on suppression. You don’t need to justify or tell because I told. Tell me,
anybody? But usually if you have fasted without doing this samyama, as a regular fasting,
talk to the people who fast, go to the internet, you will find.
Anybody who fasts, it’s a rule, within 3 days they will feast in the dream. Only when
you don’t eat in the dream you are doing samyama, only when you don’t have wet dreams
you are a Brahmachari. The suppression creates sub-consciousness. Understand, the things
you imagined, visualized, could not achieve but suppressing it, that is sub-consciousness.
That, when it is not able to fulfill itself, it comes out of you as a greed perversion.
What is the way for the subconscious to release itself properly? Right amount of sleeping
and dreaming! I tell you, if you have the right quality and quantity of sleep and dreaming,
you will not suffer with greed based structure, you will not be running behind money which
is not required for you. That is why all the civilizations which are suffering with greed,
suffer with sleeplessness. All the civilizations which suffers with the subconscious, greed,
suffers with sleeplessness. I tell you, healthy sleep and dream, you will be free from greed
based structure.
If the whole humanity gets into healthy dream and sleep, Wall Street will collapse! If the
whole humanity meditates, power centers will collapse! That is what is going to happen
between 12/12 to 12/15. It is not that the ocean is going to come and eat the Wall Street;
ocean is going to come and eat the Whitehouse. No! Conscious Ocean is going to come! I tell
you, if good quality sleep and is allowed, then you have the dreaming time. The moment
you dream, your greed, the suppressed imaginations are released from your system.
You can see in your life, if you have wet dream one night, at least for next ten days
your body does not ask for physical intercourse. Same way, if you dream about having huge wealth
or enjoying whatever you imagined and suppressed like a huge house or car, suddenly the agitation
to rush towards them disappears in your system.
Understand, I am going to the root of human suffering. Greed based system, the money based
lifestyle is rooted on your sub-consciousness, A good sleep, good sleep will naturally have
proper period of conscious dreaming. When I say conscious dreaming, even in the dream
you will have certain amount of self-awareness and you will be able to move some things in
the dream. You yourself will know you are dreaming and you can alter the things in the
dream. That is what I call conscious dreaming. If you are having conscious dreams please
understand, your sub-conscious is very thin layer. You don’t need to worry at all about
your sub-consciousness. There are no much suppressions.
All of you understand this concept of conscious dreaming means, you will actually, if you
are in, you are living in USA, you just dream you are in South Africa; but you remember
your identity and the house, car and all, you feel you can change, you can decide. That
is what is conscious dreaming. How many of you have awareness while you are dreaming?
You guys be very clear you don’t have sub-consciousness. Your subconscious is very thin layer. You
don’t have much suppression.
If human beings have good quality and quantity sleep, the greed which makes their nervous
system agitated, which convinces their nervous system to do illegal, immoral activities,
to grab other’s wealth will disappear. Understand, for a vehicle to move on the ground, there
is the road which is required. For flight to land on the ground, the runway is required.
Same way if you need to be convinced to do something immoral, certain insensitivity in
your nervous system is required. If you need to be convinced to do illegal things, certain
thickness, insensitivity is required in your nervous system.
Not having the good quality and quantity of sleep makes your suppressed desires into the
thick dreams, not conscious dreams. Thick dreams even while you are awake, those thick
dreams are running in your nervous system and makes you function as it wants, not as
you want. That is why I tell you, there are millions of people who wake up but never come
out of sleep. Just like sleep-walking, sleep-living is a disease. But cure is only spirituality!
Only spirituality can cure
this sleep-living.
Understand, the sub-consciousness, suppressed desires, sub-conscious based, is greed structure.
That is why when some poor fellow becomes rich, he does exactly what he knows the rich
people will do. When a Indian becomes rich, he does exactly as a British next fellow will
do, because these fools have forgotten they don’t even know, they have not seen how
a Indian rich fellow will live!
The suppressed desires form sub-consciousness. It can either express itself properly through
the dream state, conscious dream state and liberate your system from its influence. But
when you don’t allow that conscious dreaming, and the good quality, quantity sleep, it overtakes
you, just overtakes you and the system you create is greed based money system. The collective
suppressed sub-conscious is responsible for the collective belief, mass hysteric belief!
That is the right word I will use. Mass hysteric belief of money!
Next when the unconsciousness, unconsciousness means you just don’t know what you are missing
but you are missing something. When you know what you are missing, it is sub-consciousness;
when you don’t even know what you are missing, but you are feeling you are missing something,
it is unconsciousness; when you don’t miss anything, it is consciousness; when you become
Mister of the Universe, it is super-consciousness! When you know you are missing something and
missing, is sub-consciousness. Please understand, when you don’t know you are missing something,
but you feel you are missing something; you don’t know what you are missing, but you
feel the emptiness, you are missing something, that is unconsciousness. When you don’t
miss anything, complete with yourself, it is consciousness. When whole Universe feels
the fulfillment through you, it is super-consciousness!
Understand this! I think the most perfect spiritual psychological definition of the
states! When you know you are missing something and missing it, that is sub-conscious; when
you know you are missing something but you don’t know what you are missing, you just
know you are empty but you don’t know what you are really missing, that is unconscious;
when you don’t miss anything, when you feel fulfilled, it is consciousness; when the whole
Universe feels fulfilled through you, it is super-consciousness!
Understand, this unconsciousness you don’t know what you are really missing, what you
really want, but you feel emptiness. That is why you think “Oh, if I become MLA, I
think, I will feel fulfilled; if I become MP, I will feel fulfilled; if I become President,
I will feel fulfilled; if I become Prime Minister, I will feel fulfilled!” Unconscious man
acts as if he is going to fill other’s sub-consciousness so that he can become leader. That is why
thebpoliticians always give big, big promises. They give you the feeling “I will fulfill
your sub-consciousness!” And the same way, sub-conscious fellows promise the politicians
that “We will fulfill your unconsciousness!”
It is the sub-consciousness scratching the back of unconsciousness and the unconsciousness
scratching the back of sub-consciousness. This is what I call Democracy! Any political
system! I am not just against Democracy or Autocracy or Communism. No! I am basically
against all political systems. It is time, Humanity can think apolitically! It is time
humanity can look into the system of awakening human consciousness. At least sub-conscious
man if he gets money or power, what he will do, you can predict, but you can never predict
what an unconscious man will do if gets power or influence! No one predicted Hitler will
do what he did!
Unconsciousness is wild! At Least sub-consciousness is kind of a wilderness which can be imagined.
That is why when a subconscious based person, when he gets money you can always predict
what he will do; but when unconscious person, when he gets power, they do unpredictable
things! Sub-consciousness forms the basis for money based thinking, greed based thinking;
unconsciousness forms the basis of fear based thinking, power based thinking, political
thought trends.
Bhagavan Sri Krishna, the greatest visionary, happened on the planet earth. I tell you,
even Shiva is only the great master, spiritual master, enlightened master, guiding more and
more people to get enlightened. But only Krishna creates an ambiance for mass enlightenment!
These last three verses, if India listens to these three verses, if India listens to
these great truths, it will get back to its glory, which Krishna created 5000 years ago.
Neither West listened to Christ nor East listen to Krishna. Christ said “If you are slapped
on one cheek, show the other”, West did not listen to it. Krishna said “Remember
me and wage the war, I am with you”, East did not listen to it. Neither the East listen
to Krishna nor the West listen to Christ. Even though they accepted Krishna and Christ
as their ideals and the founders of their religious traditions, they have not accepted
their ideas. Accepting somebody as an ideal can be a political decision. Accepting somebody
as an ideal does not mean you accept their ideas also. Neither East listen to the Krishna,
nor West listen to Christ.
If India listensto these three verses, it will be totally different. Otherwise it is
like Congress installing Gandhi’s statues. One of the worst things happened to Gandhi
is his face being printed in the currencies of India, because for the every corruption
he is the witness! Insider witness! Without invoking him, no corruption happens; without
invoking his presence, no illegal activity happens. One of the worst punishment given
to Gandhi is his face being printed in all Indian currencies. There is no murder without
his photograph involvement; there is no corruption without he being invoked.
There is no illegal activity like paid advertisements. Paid advertisements, paid News is equivalent
to buying judgments. Whole society cries so much about judgments being bought! Why nobody
bothers about paid News? Paid News is much worse than judgments being bought. Whether
you buy judgment or paid News, everything unfortunately happens invoking Gandhi’s
face. What to do? It’s really unfortunate.
Understand, sub-conscious fellow, even if he gets the power you will know the trend
in which he will flow. He is only equal to the dried river. Even if the river is dried,
when the flood comes again it will only go in that current, in that created channel.
But unconscious fellow is like a tsunami! There is no trend set. It’s like Ocean coming
out. So the conscious damage done to all Human beings by the unconscious political system
is too much than the sub-conscious greed based money system. This verse –
Suhrun-mitraar-yudaaseena madhyastha-dveshya-bandhushu l
Saadhush-vapi cha paapeshu samabuddhir-vishishyate ll
samabuddhir-vishishyate – Bhagavan is revealing powerful truth to
all of us to be in
samabuddhi, equal mind, same towards affectionate person, a friend, an enemy, the indifferent,
the neutral, the hateful, the unfriendly, the noble one or the sinner, means realizing
the futility of the power structure. It is power structure which classifies somebody
as right/ wrong; good/ bad; neutral. It is your ambition towards the power structure
and the ambition they may ( change ? ) you.
Please understand when the political thought trend damages your consciousness and mind,
that makes you believe that somebody is good to you; somebody is bad to you; somebody is
neutral with you; somebody is good to everybody; somebody is bad to everybody. See, if somebody
is good to you, he is your friend; if he is bad to you, he is your enemy; if he is neither
good nor bad, he is neutral. If somebody you are made to believe by the political structure
he is bad to everybody, he is called sinner. If you are made to believe by political structure
he is good to everybody, he is Sadhu. I tell you it is all just PR exercise, simply PR
On the car, they do a Teflon coating for not to have scratches. Same way, some of the politicians
having some Medias in their hands, and through the paid News, make society believe they have
a Teflon coating, they can never be scratched. Whatever allegations are put on them they
behave as if they have a Teflon coating. No, now the dent is too much! Hole goes deeper
than the Teflon coating.
All the ideas you carry, somebody is a saint, somebody is a sinner, somebody is friend,
somebody is enemy, are all just forced on you after completely deluding you by the strong
beatings. It is like somebody hits you on the head, you are reeling; at that time he
says I am the big guy! Naturally what will you do? You say yes and fall! First the political
system is used to hit you; when you are reeling, when your head is reeling, then they claim
see I am in this post; he is good, he is bad.
It is time we bring human civilization where the money, money based thought trend and political
thought trend does not become part of our life, it just stands as a utility! Let the
shoes be left in the shoe stand; umbrella be left in umbrella stand! Let them not come
to the bedroom. Let the influence over the citizens by the political system be reduced.
Let the influence of the money thought trend over the citizens, humanity, be reduced. Let
them be just for only utility. Let it not become lifestyle. Unfortunately politics became
regular business. Business became ambition to have power over politicians. When the business
gets the ambition of power over politicians and the politicians decide to make their lifestyle
as a business both corrupt each other and destroy humanity.
Like the fire and firecracker, when they mingle together, they kill human beings. If the fire,
firecracker meeting is away from you, they can be celebration. The fire and firecracker
meets over you, they can be death! Politicians are firecrackers, businessmen are fire. When
these both thought trends combined hits at you, you are dead, at least severely injured.
You are left to be alive after being severely injured, so that they will have their followers.
I tell you, no politician would love to have human beings on the planet Earth if there
was no election. They need followers! That is the only reason they want human beings
on planet Earth. Otherwise politicians are the most frightened people on the planet Earth.
They are afraid of their own shadow. They will have a fear, at one day even their own
shadow may go against them, conspire against them.
So the idea of saint or sinner, what is saint or sinner? If you are made to believe one
person is doing good to one person, that one person is called your friend. If you are made
to believe that one person is doing good to everyone, he is made to be believed as a saint!
Saint or sinner; good or bad is all the ideas your consciousness perceived when you are
beaten by the political power based thought trends. As a child you are beaten.
I wanted my Gurukul kids to be pure Jeevanmuktas, neither beaten by the power based thought
trends, nor beaten by the greed based thought trends. The Economy my Gurukul kids need to
learn is there’s no money. The social science my Gurukul kids need to know is there’s
no power structure. In the young age you all learned who is MLA, who is MP, what is Rajasabha,
what is Lokasabha, what is Prime Minister, What is President! My Gurukul kids should
know there is no such thing exists. These are all for utility!
Young age you learnt Economy, one plus one is two; two plus two is four; what is interest;
what is compound interest; how the investment should be done. My Gurukul kids should know
there is no one plus one, there is only One which is beyond one! The one itself was created
for utility! And the one plus one is also utility. Things you created for utility, when
you became utility for them, it is like you create fire for you cooking and eating but
fire eats you. You create fire for your eating, but suddenly fire becomes big and eats you!
People who are eating from the fire are conscious beings, people are eaten by the fire are unconscious
and sub-conscious beings.
Here Krishna says “Wake up! Be a conscious being!” That is what I call Inner Awakening!
The waking up to the facts of power based political thought trends and protecting yourself
is En Leadership! Waking up to the facts of greed based money thought trends and protecting
yourself is EnWealth! Let the Wealth be Enlightening Wealth! Let the Leadership consciousness be
Enlightening Leadership consciousness in you!
It is so unfortunate, even some of the most intelligent people are caught in this thought
trend and unable to come out of it! Understand the roots of why you feel somebody is friend;
somebody is enemy; somebody is neutral; somebody is good; somebody is bad. Then you will understand
all your ideas are just ideas! When you realize that, everybody will be graceful! The moment
you feel everything and everybody is graceful, that is when you achieve what Bhagavan calls
samabuddhir-vishishyate! Let your thought trend be repaired, purified, cleansed!
Let the political thought structure which is unconsciousness based and the economical
thought trend which is sub-consciousness based not hit at your consciousness, let that not
form your lifestyle! Thought trend, let that not create your major decisions. Let that
create right understanding about life in you, let you become Jeevanmukta! Understand, if
you understand how the collective unconscious thought trend damages you, collective sub-conscious
thought trend damages you, and if you protect yourself consciously from those damages and
live a whole life, you are Jeevanmukta! Live Jeevanmukti!
What I called yesterday as a Sadhu and today what I am calling as Jeevanmkta is one and
the same! Just I am using a different word. The word Jeevanmukta is already branded with
me. The word Jeevanmukti is already branded. And Living Enlightenment became our branding!
So I am using the word Jeevanmukti! The word Sadhu or Jeevanmukti is one and the same.
Liberated while you are living by the not just individual sub-consciousness and individual
unconsciousness, you should be free from collective unconsciousness and collective sub-consciousness
impact on you also. When you have greed to have diamond rings it is individual sub-consciousness
attacking. When you are having the greed to be appreciated, by so many people due to these
diamond rings, it is collective sub-consciousness attacking you. When you feel to become your
class leader, it is individual sub-consciousness (should it be unconsciousness ? ) attacking
you. When you feel the whole world should praise you, whole school should praise you,
the whole society should praise you because you are a leader, it is collective unconsciousness
attacking you. When you are free from all the four enemies, you are Jeevanmukta!
I am giving you the essence of these three verses. First, Samyama on cold, heat, unpleasant,
pleasant, to prepare you. Then break free from the greed based money thought trend.
Then break free, free yourself from the power based political thought trend. You are a Jeevanmukta,
what Bhagavan calls Sama loshtashma kanchanah, samabuddhir-vishishyate - should become lifestyle
in you, life in you.
So everydaywhatever I am sharing in the morning Satsang, is making you meditative! Not just
meditating, that’s only one part! Meditating I make you do to the end; but see, last twenty
minutes you are meditating. This whole Satsang is to make you meditative!
Even if you compromise with the power based thought trend and money based thought trend,
let you do after understanding the insider secrets of both systems, then you will not
be taken away by it, you will protect yourself. You will know where to keep the fire, how
to cook and how much heat, can food can go inside and how, when it is dangerous, and
you will be intelligent to play the game. At the most may be rarely as an exemption,
accidents may happen, you will die. But as a life you may protect yourself, but when
you don’t even know the political thought trends are from unconscious and money based
thoughts are from sub-conscious, you give them sacredness, you associate sanctity to
both. When you associate, even if you associate legitimacy to both of them, you are wrong!
If you associate sacredness to both of them, you are worshiping Devil thinking it’s God.
Internally do not give legitimacy to the money based and power based thought trends, fear
based and greed based thought trends. Let it be not legitimized.
I tell you, whether it is a fear or greed, let me have both only from the enlightened
source. It will give you the greed to destroy all other greeds, it will give you fear to
destroy all other fears. It will not add more to what you are having. Understand, the fear you receive from the Master is water
on fire, not Kerosene on fire. The greed you receive from the Master is water on fire,
not Petrol on fire. Both looks fluid being poured on fire. See from the society the fear
you get and greed you get; In the Sangha from the Master, the fear you get , greed you get
both look like fear and greed. What is poured from the society is Petrol and Kerosene; what
is being poured from the Master is pure water and ice bars, ice cubes. Both may look like
liquid but quality is different!
Even in my Sangha I have certain fear or greed I create which people think which is not necessary.
It is necessary because you have become insensitive. Fire is too big now. I have to pour something.
You already put fire on yourself. I have to pour something on you. Only then the fire
will come down.
Sometime people ask me “Here also we have to work, outside also we have to work, better
we can work outside”. This is the exact foolishness! That person also pours something
liquid on me, this person also pours something liquid. Better let the outsider pour something
liquid! Don’t you understand it’s Petrol, I am pouring water! Liberate yourself from
the collective unconscious conspiracies in which even the conspirers themselves are caught
without knowing it’s a conspiracy. Unfortunately they even believe it’s a great service done
to everyone.
I wanted, by the grace of the Devine, I will do it. Just like how mass youngsters are going
behind these political parties and IT companies, means power based thought trend and money based thought trend! I assure
Oh Humanity I will make crores of people follow this Freedom based thought trend! We will
create Humanity living Enlightenment, not just community! Now we have created the community
living Enlightenment, we will create Humanity living Enlightenment! Anybody who understands
and uses power based thought trend and the greed based thought trend; like anesthesia,
anesthesia you can neither use too much, nor use less. If you know how to use only amount
required from others, you become right Leader, Enlightened Leader.
Question: Re: Taj Mahal or Tejo Mahalaya Temple:
Swamiji, from recent discoveries and research by prominent scholars, it is being said that
Taj Mahal was a Shiva Temple which has been converted like thousands of other similar
Temples in the Muslim Mughal period of invasions and conquerors. Taj Mahal is octagonal in
shape next to the sacred Hindu river Yamuna, has Hindu design, has a lotus kalash cap on
the dome, has a music chamber which is completely against Islamic buildings, trident and earthen
lamps everywhere and further the entire Taj complex comprises of 400-500 rooms. Residential
accommodation on such a stupendous scale is unthinkable in a Muslim structure. Eminent
historian P.N. Oka has written a research book of over 100 Documentary evidences to
prove the Vedic origins of Taj Mahal. Couple of evidences below: Shahjahan’s own court
chronicle the Badshah Nama admits ( page 403, volume 1 ) that a grand mansion of unique
splendor capped with the dome – Imarate Alishaan Gumbes – was taken from the Jaipur
Maharaja Jaisingh for Mumtaj’s burial and the building was known as Raja Mansingh’s
palace. A wooden piece from the riverside doorway of Taj , subjected to carbon (fourteen
?) test by an American laboratory and initiated by a professor at Grad School of Architecture
in New York has revealed that the door is 300 years older than Shahjahan, reason being
- since the doors of Taj were broken by Muslim invadors repeatedly from the 11 th century
onwards, had to be replaced from time to time. The Taj edifice is much more older. It belongs
to 1155 AD that is almost 500 years before Shahjahan was born. What is the truth Swamiji
and what is the way forward for India to restore and correct these historical crimes done to
First I wanted to tell you, from the Akashic reading I confirmed whatever you said is true;
understand, not just from my intellectual beliefs, intellectual analysis or my own thinking
or my vested interest or what I wanted it to be, no, without any of that, straight from
the Akashic readings! Please understand Akashic reading is very sacred! And I am responsible
to answer to KalaBhairava and KalaBhairava is, you know! Don’t meddle with KalaBhairava,
don’t mess with KalaBhairava! I tell you, from the Akashic readings I can tell you, it was Shiva
Temple and one part was used as a palace. It was not built by Shahjahan. It was only
remodeled by Shahjahan. These are the historical crimes done to India. The only way to restore
is let there be more and more and more Jeevanmuktas penetrate the Indian political system. Through
the Jeevanmuktas let them come out of vote bank politics to
based politics. Now it is all vote bank politics. They need to come to
the truth based politics. Let us work, work, work to bring purity in political system, purity in every structure
of society.
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Power, Greed and Freedom

1918 Folder Collection
Andy published on July 4, 2015
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