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  • Jerry Asner, please. Roman Craig.

  • Yeah, I can't hold for long. My signal's kind of weak.

  • - Honey? - Yes, Roman?

  • Why do Chet's kids look at him like he's Zeus?

  • My kids look at me like I'm a rack of yard tools at Sears.

  • I mean, why can't they connect with me?

  • Maybe if you spent less time at work, things would be different.

  • Put a cork in it, honey. Talkin' business. Jerry?

  • Roman. How are you?

  • I'll save us trouble and cut right to the chase.

  • I've got an investment opportunity.

  • You got about three minutes and 25 grand? Jerry?

  • Did you hear what I said?

  • Lost the signal. These phones don't work.

  • - Maybe he hung up. - Why would a minister hang up?

  • - I've been to his church. - Oh, yeah. Once!

  • All right!

  • How about that?

  • We'll be scraping the bugs off our teeth with this!

  • - Dad. - That's too much boat.

  • - Look... - It's just too much.

  • - Can I ask you a question? - Sure. You hungry?

  • Give me four chili dogs and two plain dogs, please.

  • - That's six hot dogs. - It's for everybody.

  • And I'm hungry.

  • - So? - Yeah.

  • Do you mind if I just walk around? Cruise the town?

  • I can walk back when I'm done.

  • All right. But you gotta promise me we'll spend some time together.

  • - That's why we're here. - I know.

  • That's the whole point - to be in the woods,

  • together, rugged, manly, the full nine yards.

  • - Exactly. - Right?

  • - Give me a hug. - What?

  • - Give me a hug. - Dad...

  • - I'm too old for hugs. - You're never too old for hugs.

  • - Can I go now? Thank you very much. - Go.

  • Bring back your friends for a ride in "suck my wake".

  • Great!

  • You've got it in neutral!

  • It's OK.

  • It's in neutral. You gotta put it...

Jerry Asner, please. Roman Craig.

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The Great Outdoors (2/10) Movie CLIP - Suck My Wake (1988) HD

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