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  • Either way, we were back together

  • inseparable

  • buzzon buddies left brain web brain, Yin and Yang

  • the two amigos, the demolition duo, three for three and all because of me. Thats right! Jak and Daxter saved the day again!

  • So allow me to sum up <takes deep breath>

  • Jak pushes me into the drink of dark eco on purpose i think I turned into a

  • fuzzy ottsel, I sacrificed my chance to turn back into a real boy so we can

  • stop Gol and Maia, then we find an ancient warp brain and Jak and company were

  • forward into the future and find Sandover Village radically changed. It's now

  • a huge city under attack from Metal Heads! it's also where Jak came from

  • in the first place we stop the baron, krew and metal heads and take out Kor, Jak

  • younger self goes back in time to grow safe and sound and eventually meet me

  • My older Jak and I get thrown in the wasteland!

  • A strange leader named Damas rescues us and teaches us how to become better warriors it turns out it was Jak's real father!

  • Who Knew? meanwhile back in the city Count Veger tries to become a precursor while we discovered

  • that the ancient ones were actually fuzzy creatures that look like me

  • and there are still around

  • hiding in the shadows running the planet. Jak uses their power to warp

  • to the dark maker ship and stop Errol from destroying the planet. we destroyed the dark ship and Errol and saved the day. We also

  • celebrate my god-like precursor status and everybody worships the Daxter, as a chippy

  • Thats good fuzzy! Well like fuzzy

  • he precursors leave, Jak stays, the trilogys over, everone's happy, and now

  • we need something new to do. I know!

  • How about racing? That would be a ton of fun! This Is

  • Orange Lightning!

  • Calling all cars! Gentlemen

  • and Gentleladies, start your engines!

  • Let the Races begin!!

Either way, we were back together

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