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Either way, we were back together
buzzon buddies left brain web brain, Yin and Yang
the two amigos, the demolition duo, three for three and all because of me. Thats right! Jak and Daxter saved the day again!
So allow me to sum up
Jak pushes me into the drink of dark eco on purpose i think I turned into a
fuzzy ottsel, I sacrificed my chance to turn back into a real boy so we can
stop Gol and Maia, then we find an ancient warp brain and Jak and company were
forward into the future and find Sandover Village radically changed. It's now
a huge city under attack from Metal Heads! it's also where Jak came from
in the first place we stop the baron, krew and metal heads and take out Kor, Jak
younger self goes back in time to grow safe and sound and eventually meet me
My older Jak and I get thrown in the wasteland!
A strange leader named Damas rescues us and teaches us how to become better warriors it turns out it was Jak's real father!
Who Knew? meanwhile back in the city Count Veger tries to become a precursor while we discovered
that the ancient ones were actually fuzzy creatures that look like me
and there are still around
hiding in the shadows running the planet. Jak uses their power to warp
to the dark maker ship and stop Errol from destroying the planet. we destroyed the dark ship and Errol and saved the day. We also
celebrate my god-like precursor status and everybody worships the Daxter, as a chippy
Thats good fuzzy! Well like fuzzy
he precursors leave, Jak stays, the trilogys over, everone's happy, and now
we need something new to do. I know!
How about racing? That would be a ton of fun! This Is
Orange Lightning!
Calling all cars! Gentlemen
and Gentleladies, start your engines!
Let the Races begin!!
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The Jak and Daxter Trilogy Movie - Story Sum Up - Remastered in HD!

1473 Folder Collection
Jenny Hsu published on July 3, 2015
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