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Hey this is MatSan
and welcome to our culture section again
today with bear
it's my dog's name
first thing
Poland has hooker
both countries have hookers
I mean the place you can find hookers
in Poland it's interesting
you can find them at the outskirt
in the forest
not in the forest
near the road
we usually drive from city to city
yea and she's so amazed
oh oh look look
even in the winter
it's so cold
and they're wearing short skirt
and just walking near those country road
usually what do people do, if they want these hookers?
stop by?
eh you know, I'm not taking hookers
so probably stop by?
what I heard from my...
secret sources?!
what I have read
they actually put them into the car
drive her somewhere
just do this
yea so we're always joking that
oh oh oh oh
we should stop by
and ask her: how much?
and they'll be like...ehh
how much? and then drive away
Poland has a law
that you cannot...
not only Poland
ok continue
Poland and including lots of European countries
have a law
you can't drink outside
drink alcohol outside
so like on the street
you cannot
in the park, you cannot
we can say, generally, anywhere outside
outside, but there are some
so you can just order the beer in the restaurant
and go outside, take a seat
and drink it
it's more like
you can't really buy the beer
and drink it outside
it's different
because in Taiwan you can
people just have picnic outside
in the park
and drink beer
or sitting under the bridge
near the river
drink beer
I mean, we're doing it here as well
it's illegal hohoho
next one
in Poland
study master degree is for free
what about city?
if you study bachelor in Lublin
I can study master in Warsaw
doesn't matter which city you're gonna stay
as long as it's in Poland
you don't have to pay, but only in public school
I don't have master
I'm not even study master
me neither
I'm not a study person
f*** this
then it's the stupidest law ever
made in Poland
you have to
drive a car with the lights on
every single time, even in the day time
yea, with the lights on
but why Mateusz? why?
there's no why
it's for our safety, Sansan
so the government claim
it will be safer for people?
since 2007
people are already like, whatever
or we even put LED lights
underneath the actual lights
and put them on
so it won't harm your battery that much
just imagine
you'll drive in the day time, the night time
with the lights on
so just imagine the condition, consumption of the lights
we don't have this in Taiwan
but people are driving perfectly fine
you can suggest your government...
Tusk! (ex Prime Minister of Poland)
not Tusk now
Ewa! (present Prime Minister of Poland)
next, voiceover in all TV series
it's not like a voiceover of
every single actor
like, there's a woman, covering woman's voice, no
what we put is
you can actually hear the original voice
and then you have a voice over of a man
of a man
yea, saying all the words
so it's basically
one voice over guy
one film, or one TV series
will only have one person
so it's like
it's a 3 people conversation
so he will be very busy
speaking for 3 of them
and it is pretty inconvenient for me to watch TV here, because
I can't understand what the show is about
yes, cause he's too loud
so you can't really hear the original voice
yes, and it's also very distracting
when you're watching
I don't know for Polish people?
of course I prefer subtitles
but I like it in this case that
we don't do it as in Germany
that they put the voice over for every of them
like they cut the English talking totally
and they just put the voice over for every person
we do this, as German's way
for Korean TV shows
shows, or drama and so on
but usually for English speaking
we don't
Netherlands is great about this
they just put the subtitles
it's really awesome,
yea, I agree
next one
in Poland
we still keep those trash cars
we call it "le-sul-zi-che" in Chinese
how to say it in English?
boxes...? trash boxes?
you know, the recycling one
for glass, for normal, for paper and so on
we used to have it in Taiwan
about 10 years ago, probably
when I was very young
and right now
we change it into
mobile truck
and it's for trash only
it can squeeze the trash in
and then
how to know the truck is here?
because of the sound
yea, we put a specific music into this truck
when you hear it
you'll rush downstairs to throw trash
isn't it pretty annoying?
it's not
because it's every day routine
so you know
what time the truck will arrive
but lots of Western countries
like, lots of countries
still do this normal trash cars
yea, we have it
but for block of flats
super big block of flats
but for normal flats, single houses
we usually don't
we use this everywhere
next one
you can find self-counter
in supermarket and gas station in Poland
also in US
so how does it work? Mateusz
the self-counter in supermarket
is basically
of course you got cashier
you can just go to the self one
it's actually a machine
which is telling you to scan all the things
by yourself
like, you are the cashier
it is faster
it is very fast
usually it's even written
to be there (at the self-counter)
you can have only 15 articles/ items
so it's faster
I actually don't know why Taiwan doesn't have it
everything is served by someone
people help you to do that
well, it's not slowing us down
but when I was in US
they also have the self-counter
and it's super convenient as well
even they don't have the limit of the items
also about the gas stations
as I know from you
that Taiwanese, and also Japanese
they (staff in station)
tank your car
they do that for you
and in here
also you've got places like that
but usually
we do it by ourselves
yea you get out from the car
open this...fuel stuff
put the fuel stick/ pistol (?)
and tank your car
and then you pay
you do it by yourself
also in America
Taiwan only has the gas self-service
not the fuel
in some videos, I see some girls
they forget which side is the opener of their car
they park in the wrong direction
and they try to pull this whole pistol
to the other direction
and it's actually destroying it
well..maybe I'll be the same
lastly, you in Taiwan only got bus
as public transportation
and metro
and metro
normal yea
and we have
trams and trolleys
both are running with the electricity
on the rail
yea, trams on the rail
and trolleys
ah, it's something different
it's like
the bus with cables
trams, they run on the rail
like train
smaller train, lighter train
I will say
and trolley
it's like, bus with cables
for me, I mean according to what I see
I like tram, he doesn't
and the reason why I like tram because
it is avoiding traffic jam
especially in rush hours
and it's so slow
for me, 10 mins is 10 mins
they won't have delay because of the traffic
yea I got you
in Poland
especially in Warsaw
you have the specific rail
guys in Taiwan don't have tram
and believe me, it's good
but anyways
I would rather say
sometimes tram is good
when it's separated
like, the trams have their own roads
tram pass
we have being to Łódź, to Kraków
I would say
that it's not really perfectly made there
cuz tram is sharing the road with cars
so it's like
tram steals
I mean at least what I've seen in Kraków
I don't know that much about Kraków
but Łódź for sure
that trams stay with cars
in the traffic jam
which doesn't make sense
and you as a car driver
you feel like you're the tram actually
because you drive on the rail
I love Łódź
I really love Łódź
but this thing is just...epic
for me it's cute
I'm always like: We're trammie!
yea all the time
when we're driving in Łódź
and she's like: oh we become a tram!
and what about trolley?
Lublin got trolley
actually trolley is not that popular in Poland
because what I know
only Lublin and Gdynia got
I don't know about other cities
for me it's just like a bus
with higher percentage of being broken
because you know
these cables
can fall down
and then the driver needs to fix this
you can see the separated road
only for trams
just in the middle of these two roads in here
here, this is the tram
just going
these are the things you will see in Poland
but you probably won't see in Taiwan
hope you guys enjoy our video
see you next time!
see you
bye! love you!
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dumb you dumb
have a nice Sunday
have a nice Sunday
or Monday
or whatever day
we love you
see you! byebye!
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Things Poland has but Taiwan doesn't!

6255 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on July 3, 2015
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