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(humming rhythmic song)
- I don't really know much about tuxedos
except for that penguins wear them.
- I don't know. I feel indifferent.
- Normally, I would be concerned
that I'm not gonna be able to move my arms,
because my shoulders will get stuck,
but because this is a men's suit,
I have a feeling it might fit my shoulders better.
- No one in my family really wears tuxes or suits.
I just imagine that anything has to be
more comfortable than what women wear.
- I think it leaves room for your dick
'cause it's like really long in the front.
- Worrying about one part
that dudes do not have to worry about,
which is the breasts.
- I don't know.
I don't know how to read boy sizes.
It's just like 27, 32, 45.
It's like, oh are we doing football plays?
- (scoffs indistinctly).
- Why would anyone want to wear this on their wedding day?
This is the most uncomfortable thing.
- I feel like I look like one of those
1930s big band singers.
♫ Hey man, won't you let the band play
♫ Hey man, won't you let the band play ♫
- Oh, I'm not used to buttoning all the buttons.
(gasps) I feel like I'm being suffocated.
- This you should put in slow motion.
- There's so many things.
I have no idea how to do this. (laughs)
This can't fit over my head.
- (snorts) You guys wear these?
- Oh, f##k yeah!
Oh, hell yeah!
Okay, well it kinda looks like I have a diaper on.
- It's making me realize I really like
the woman's fit on my body.
I prefer a tighter pant.
- I always was like, oh guys have it so easy
because suits are comfortable and they can move around,
and dresses are terrible 'cause you're basically like
stuck in one position all night.
But suits are not comfortable.
Guys have it bad in just a different kind of way.
- I guess I wasn't giving guys enough credit
for how they were wearing tuxes and putting tuxes together
because this was more work than I expected.
- And it's got pockets!
- (grunts) Do I look like Count Dracula?
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Women Try Tuxes For The First Time

10131 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on July 2, 2015
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