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This week, we’re heading off on our summer hols – to Barcelona to be precise.
The city Barcelona - Spanish Barcelona - not the planet Barcelona.
Too many no-nosed dogs.
But this- -is still faster - and much comfier - than a budget airline.
Errr. Either they’ve redecorated again or...
Looks like I’ve ended up in that building game – Minecraft!
It’s blockier on
the inside.
Oh. Oh dear. We’re probably crashing.
I really shouldn’t have poked those telepathic circuits...
Easy now, Mrs... TARDIS?
Wooooahhhh!!! Idris? Sexy?
Right, come on Christel, think.
Remember your Type 40 operational handbook!
If I disable the etheric beam locator,
shield oscillator and the food machine,
then divert all power to the temporal Glowstone stabilisers
and the Netherrack Thermocouplings, I should be able to-
Oooh, we’ve landed. Okay. There’s oxygen, gravity, no radiation.
Let’s take a look...
Hang on. I recognise this...
Hey Christel!
Hey! Welcome! You’re inside our Minecraft Doctor Who rollercoaster.
I’m Nero and this is River.
Why did you make a Doctor Who roller coaster?
We’re big fans of the show and so we were looking for our next project
and fans kept coming up and saying hey do Doctor Who, Doctor Who
- this would be great.
Since we were fans of the show already, we re-watched and then said okay –
are there enough scenes?
Well of course there are enough scenes in Doctor Who!
So we could think of a million things that would be really easy to put together.
Enough scenes to make a whole songs worth.
Oh, Stampy joined the game. Don’t mind the house cat!
I agree. We came up with a list of all the bad guys.
Who should we have in it? And I’m like ooooooooh!
And started going down the list.
Did it come about gradually or was it,
you built it and then there was one big moment where you tested the whole thing?
Or did it happen in stages?
It happens in stages so I have a song for example that I want to use.
When the song gets to a certain point and there’s a drop
and the beat kind of changes
there’s a climatic scene or something that sort of goes with
that part of the song for viewers to see.
Then after that we task it to a builder since we bring in certain builders
that are specific to a certain style.
We’ll bring in a certain builder and we’ll say okay, we want to do the Doctor Who logos
and this is something that you’re really good at –
come in - this is where we want it -
this is what we want it to look like and then the builders kinda get to it.
And the whole time Nero is writing up the rails
to make sure the music is lining up to where they’re putting things.
Well thanks guys, but I’ve got to try and get home.
Or to Barcelona. Bye!
Bye! Thank you for coming!
Right. Concentrate. How do we fix this?!
Christel? Hello? Is that you Idris? Your voice has got
a lot deeper...
No, look at the screen.
Oh hey Ben!
Hey! Basically, I built half of this room, including the walls and the flooring in Minecraft
with help from my good friend, Harry.
And Freddy modded the rest of the room making it look a little more realistic.
Longer than it should do Christel, it took around 3 months.
Oh wow. How long did it take you to build this?!
Why do you like building Doctor who stuff in Minecraft?
Well, it all started when I got to know xxxx who was the project leader of the Doctor Who
Client Mod.
This is the thing that really sparked my interest for combining Doctor Who
and Minecraft into one setting.
Joining the development team of the Doctor Who Client Mod
means you can express your love for this amazing show whilst
making something you can look back on in a few years time
and be really proud of what you created.
Anyway, I uploaded this to the TARDIS desktop wallpaper system as a surprise for you.
Aww thanks!
But something went wrong.
Due to a chronon leak, the TARDIS's architectural reconfiguration system
has created a temporary chameleon arc around you
and remodelled your dimensions to fit the desktop!
I hope you get what you’re on about.
Just grab the Sonic.
Setting 178 and give it a quick blast.
Okay! Ahhhh! The "undo" setting. Genius.
Ha ha! Should have you home and normal in a jiffy. Perhaps do your links now?
Oh yes! Cheers Ben!
Thank you to Robochiz from the UK who won our Minecraft titles competition.
We really liked the way you incorporated different types of Minecraft blocks into the titles.
And if you didn’t win, don't be sad because
we've put all of the awesome entries into a video on our second channel.
Click here to see them.
And here’s our exclusively Minecraft Who Tube annotation attack.
Oooh! We’re here.
Right, here goes nothing!
Ah! Well, on second thoughts –
I think I’ll take the budget airline.
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Doctor Who Minecraft - Doctor Who: The Fan Show

1231 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on June 29, 2015
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