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-I love apple -Even I love apple
Do you know what happens.. to this food inside the body ?
Let's get in to the body with the apple and see what happens to it
Wow! we have become so small
We're so small that we can enter the whole body !
So the level starts from mouth
Oh! teeth are making it in to small pieces
and also grinding it
Yes,saliva gets added here to the food !
Food becomes a thin paste
Which way to go now ?
Now there are two ways
One goes to the food pipe
and other goes to the wind pipe
We're going to the food pipe
There's a valve called pharynx
This food pipe is also called esophagus
Oh! now we're entering the stomach
Get ready! there is a lot of liquid here
What's this liquid ?
Oh! these are gastric juices
They make the food merge
is it a kind of boiling ?
Yes this is also called chyme
It is small intestine
Oh! but food is just travelling
Where would the body take nutrients from the food?
Right question at the right time
Most of digestion happens in small intestine
Most of the nutrients are absorbed by body here
What is this green liquid ?
Oh! this is bile
It is produced in liver and pancreas
It helps in digestion
This liquid comes from small intestine
and helps to take nutrients from food
What are these ?
These are called are villi
Nutrients enter the blood from these villi
Oh! it is a long journey !
Yes it is 22 feet long
Now we are entering large intestine
Is it bigger than small intestine ?
No,small intestine is bigger in length
But large intestine is bigger in width
Oh! small intestine is narrow
That's why it is called small intestine
Yes ,here the water from the food is absorbed
Oh! I want to go back !
Now this is becoming very thick
Yes ,let's go back
Now it is food waste
Which body does not need
It would go out of the body through anus
Here you can see the whole digestive system
Now you know the whole journey of food
Wow! it is a long journey
It starts from mouth
Goes to esophagus
which is food pipe
From there it goes to stomach
Then it enters small intestine
And from small intestine it enters large intestine
And from there it comes out of body through anus
Let's see an experiment on what happens inside the stomach
Oh! what is this ?
Let me show you how gastric juices in stomach ruin the food we eat
Why are you cutting the apple ?
Because food goes in to our stomach in small pieces
What is the liquid in this jar ?
Oh! it is acid so I can not stomach
So acid would burn all the food and give us energy
Yes acid in stomach burns all the food
or we can we say that it cooks all the food to get nutrients
Ya it is taking time
Yes stomach takes 6-7 hours to burn all the food
I want to show you the difference between small and large intestine
Oh! these look like intestines
Look at this .This is very very long
But its mouth is small
It is called small intestine
Yes ,it is 25 feet long
Yes,you are right !
Oh! this with big mouth is called large intestine
It is only 5 feet long
Yes it is small in length but bigger in mouth size
That's why it is called large intestine
What are you doing ?
Oh! I would water some plants with small intestine
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amytsai published on June 27, 2015
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