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a refugee is a person who's been persecuted
in their home country and had to flee for safety
the biggest challenge is making an American friend
today is significant because it gives us an opportunity
to recognize refugees in our community
I have been in the united states for about six years
its an opportunity for the community to come together Every one of these folks
has an amazing story
we were the first arrivals in the United States of our Families
Utah is absolutely fantastic what I like about
Utah is that it is really beautiful back home we have conflicts
There are dancers that have been scheduled all day long
all day long from different countries we have a soccer tournament
final, crafts tents
kids activities, face painting, baby goats
obstacle course for young people
I've never imagined that I would be in the United States you know
today this event is the most important event
because it brings different countries together
This is a great place
to make a friend that is why we do it
learn more at jobs.utah.gov
people having fun at World Refugee Day
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World Refugee Day 2015

463 Folder Collection
James published on June 27, 2015
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