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  • Pregnancy seems like a miracle, but when people start basing health advice on that sentiment

  • that’s how problems start. Luckily, I've brought this science with me. Let's look it

  • over, shall we?

  • I've got a pal who just announced she's preggers, and being pregnant comes with all sorts of

  • strange conversations about health which would NOT be okay in any other situation. When you're

  • pregnant, strangers will throw shade at you for being in a sushi restaurant, at Starbucks,

  • or on an airplaneEveryone's got opinions, but do they have facts to back it up?

  • A big myth about pregnancy concerns fish. Fish is a staple of a healthy diet, and pregnant

  • women are encouraged to eat fish -- but it DOES contain trace amounts of mercury. But

  • not all fish are equal, so you just need to eat the right fish. No yellowtail or bigeye

  • tuna, but salmon is great! Check the full lists online When ingested, methylmercury

  • is absorbed by the central nervous system and can impair normal brain development in

  • children, infants and fetuses. Other studies have connected methylmercury consumption during

  • pregnancy to ADHD, especially in boys. Just remember FISH is GREAT for pregnant women

  • -- it's brain food after all! Plus it contains omega-3s and decreases cognitive decline in

  • older people. Coffee is another thing pregnant women get

  • judgement for drinking. But in general, coffee won't harm a fetus. Some studies say drinking

  • caffeine can increase risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, or other weight problems. This

  • means tea SHOULD be two sides to the same leaf, but it isn't. Fortunately for caffeine

  • lovers, research isn't entirely clear -- even if the media hype makes it seem like it is.

  • Yes, caffeine IS a stimulant, which may cause problems in large quantities, but drinking

  • less than 200 mg per day is fine. 200 mg is like, one 8 to 10 ounce cup of coffee, depending.

  • Studies show eating peanuts while pregnant will decrease the chances of the baby

  • an allergy to peanuts. Not to mention, peanuts are a great source of folic acid and protein!

  • Though research is still ongoing, avoiding them altogether doesn't seem to be necessary.

  • Sometimes, you get chocolate in my peanut butter! AND THEN there's some serious opinions

  • thrown around. A study published in Early Human Development surprisingly found preggo

  • moms who ate chocolate also have happy babies. Their study of 300 Finnish women found those

  • who'd eating a bit of chocolate daily had a "positively reactive" baby -- also known

  • as a baby who smiled and laughed a lot. But be cautious, they didn't say it CAUSED a happy

  • baby, just that they're correlated.

  • Speaking of chocolate and smilingpregnancy and sex has a LOT of myths surrounding it.

  • You can still have sex when you're pregnant. The baby is surrounded by the uterus, and

  • an amniotic sac, the cervix has a mucus plug sealing it shut, and the benefits of hormone

  • release during sex and orgasm are well documented. The contractions from orgasm are completely

  • different muscles from those in the uterus -- so get jiggy with it, guys!

  • That being said, STIs CAN affect the fetus; so make sure all parties are clean and practice safe sex.

  • Some other myths that have been debunked by science: go get your hair did. There's no

  • evidence hair dye harms the fetus in the least; alcohol isn't great but if you slip up you're

  • not going to mess up your kid; hot dogs, eggs and chickens are all fine, just make sure

  • they are well-cooked! Something I was surprised by, is heat -- pregnant moms should try and

  • keep their body temperature below 102 (40C) -- so no jacuzzis, saunas or hot yogas.

  • Pregnancy can be scary, especially if its the first time. You don't get a do-over, after

  • all, but all the science says don't cut your diet to only the "safest" foods, instead just

  • eat healthily: lots of fruits and vegetables, some meat and fish some dairy and grain. Keep

  • it colorful! We all want to believe that these wives tales have been passed down and carry

  • water, but some of them are just plain made up.

  • Do you have a science question? That's why were here! Let us help!

Pregnancy seems like a miracle, but when people start basing health advice on that sentiment

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5 Pregnancy Myths Debunked

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