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It's official — gay marriage is now legal in England and Wales after Queen Elizabeth
II gave it her royal stamp of approval Wednesday morning.
The bill allowing same-sex marriages cleared its last hurdle in Parliament Tuesday. The
House of Commons approved minor changes made by the House of Lords after a two-hour debate.
(Via Los Angeles Times)
The marriage bill was then sent to the Queen — her signature is a formality in the UK
— and she gave the go-ahead to make the bill law. (Via euronews)
Prime Minister David Cameron backed the bill, but his support divided his Conservative Party
and its supporters, and many in his own party criticized him for being too liberal. (Via
According to BBC, one Conservative lawmaker put it this way: "astonishing that a bill
for which there is absolutely no mandate, against which a majority of Conservatives
voted, has been bulldozed through both Houses."
The new law enables gay couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies, and
it will allow couples who previously entered into civil partnerships to convert their relationships
to marriage. (Via Today)
British Labor Party politician Chris Bryant, who himself is gay, tweeted, "The Queen has
given Royal Assent to Same Sex Marriage. Aggressive homosexuals, please note. Go forth and propose."
(Via Twitter)
But the Church of England — which opposes gay marriage — is still barred from conducting
them. Other religious organizations can "opt-in" to performing the ceremonies. (Via Fox News)
The first same-sex wedding in Britain could take place as early as next summer. Marriage
for same-sex couples is already legal in France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, and Portugal.
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Queen Elizabeth II Gives Gay Marriage Royal Approval

1014 Folder Collection
Precious Annie Liao published on June 27, 2015
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