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hi I'm Jeremy Payne in again today as your host for That Was History. We've had this type
of episode before in the past where we take an event from history, and we change the outcome, whether
it be a small historical event or such from the past, as the civil war,
and change the entire outcome with the South winning instead of the North. So stick
with me as we journey down this topic of the Cuban Missile Crisis
and what might have happened if it went south and say a war had started.
So let me give you a bit of background information and tell you what actually
happened in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
During this event the US and Soviet Union would engage in a 13-day intense
political and military standoff of
1962. John Kennedy would inform the Americans of the threat to national security
and his actions that he would take in order to secure our country.
He had prepared to launch a full-scale attack which would neutralize any
nuclear warheads that were in Cuba.
The people of the United States were in fear that this would be a start of a Nuclear War.
I mean who wouldn't be fearful in such times knowing that nuclear weapons were
basically right in our backyard? Well this disaster would basically be avoided
when the US agreed to the Soviet leaders offer to remove the weapons from Cuba
and that we would remove ours from Turkey. Could you imagine the fallout if
the weapons had not come out peacefully?
Well let's take that angle and see what could have happened if a full-scale war had
broken out.
Well the crisis that was avoided in Cuba could have been much more hazardous than
it turned out to be.
Along with the missiles found to be in Cuba, were the submarines that were also in
the Atlantic.
If the U-2 spy plane had of been delayed just a few short days,
then the decision making would have been delayed as well as resulting in action
delayed by President Kennedy.
He would have taken the advice of his joint chiefs and military command and launched
nuclear weapons to bomb Cuba.
Then a possible invasion of the United States troops to see that the bombs were destroyed
only to have these forces killed in action by other nuclear warheads
that Cuba had in their possession. They would then retaliate on the United
States possibly hitting Louisiana.
Following suit, the United States would then send enough missiles to wipe out Cuba
and more of the Soviet Union. So nonetheless if the crisis had not been avoided like
it originally was in history
there might have been a nuclear global fallout. Europe would have been a waste
land of nuclear toxins, and the United States would have areas that would be
uninhabitable as well.
If the United States had gone to war with Cuba and the Soviet Union,
do you think that it would have been right to basically blow up Cuba to get rid of
such a threat to national security?
Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
Well that's going to wrap up this section of That Was History. I hope that you enjoyed
all the content I had today, and if you perhaps have an event that you'd like to
be rewritten
right us and let us know in the comments section below, and maybe it'll show
up in one of our
following episodes. Also, be sure to hop on over to our social media sites
and we'll see you next time guys.
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What If The Cuban Missile Crisis Turned Into Full Scale War?

578 Folder Collection
James published on June 24, 2015
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