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  • Hi guys! Me and the FoodTube family together with our friends the LV are here to help you guys out.

  • You've told us what your biggest cooking headaches are, so together we'll show you our secret tips and tricks, which will change the way you cook forever.

  • Here is Gennaro and his method for cooking perfect pasta.

  • People really get wrong how to make a pasta.

  • Pasta is so simple to cook.

  • You need that really large pan to cook pasta inside.

  • First, you need plenty of water.

  • And then the water had to be really babbling.

  • Look at that, the way they're babbling.

  • The pasta... you need to do bouncing, you need to move it around! Aaaah, freedom!

  • Next tip I'm going to give you is to use very, very good salt.

  • Don't go by those packets with salt.

  • So fine, that it looks likes dust or sand.

  • That is no good. Just give me about 10 grams for each of liters.

  • Look at the way the water is now, look at the way it's moving the water.

  • Water crawls out, see, goes a little faster.

  • The salt is inside when you grab a little bit of pasta.

  • Put them all together. There it goes. Keep it!

  • And just slowly, just gently,

  • started to press it gently, you can see... Look at the pasta the way it goes in.

  • Nicely, nicely. Don't worry, you won't burn it,

  • but don't put your hands inside because you'll burn it.

  • So the pasta... Look straight inside!

  • Now, you cover...

  • bring back to the boil, 10 seconds, remove it.

  • Look at that, look at the way it's bobbling.

  • Get a fork.

  • Stir it.

  • Because you don't want the pasta to get stuck.

  • And don't forget: on the side your packet of the pasta.

  • Initially say 8 minutes, 10 minutes.

  • But the Italian way, you want that pasta Al Denteundercooked little bit.

  • Grab a little bit.

  • So when you put it inside your mouth,

  • you have to chew it longer.

  • While you're chewing longer, you taste the lovely sauce you put inside.

  • This is done. Look at this!

  • Look how wonderful it is.

  • A perfect pasta. Now let's serve it.

  • I've done a fantastic pesto early on,

  • and let me show you how to use it.

  • If you want to see my easy pesto recipe, just here is a boxclick here!

  • You'll always need for a large bowl. It's about 1 tablespoon.

  • For 300 grams that would be enough.

  • You grab the pasta straight away or you drain it.

  • Look at that!

  • Just put them inside, this is enough.

  • Actually, I'll need a little bit more for me.

  • And don't forget to use the pasta waterpasta water, where the pasta has been dancing inside!

  • That is the best flavour. Also a little bit of salt as well.

  • See, just have a little bit, put it on top.

  • Stir it.

  • Okay, pesto, stir inside the pesto and let them algamate.

  • And when you pull the pasta you want to look nice, always stir it.

  • The fork inside, and give it a lovely lift.

  • Little Parmesan.

  • Little Basil.

  • While you're cooking your pasta, I'm eating this pasta.

  • I love you! And please, subscribe!

  • It is free, Gennaro Contaldo, YouTube, and let's cook it altogether.

  • Bon Appetito!

Hi guys! Me and the FoodTube family together with our friends the LV are here to help you guys out.

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How To Cook Perfect Pasta | Gennaro Contaldo

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