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music intro
look where i am i am in my home town
minori in the Almafi coat
i'm home i feel the king i'm going t make such a simple recipe today
which is incredible sea bream
in crazy water
put on the olive oil
lots of olive oil so
simple and easy
fish one and
season with salt and garlic
crush it remove it
don't be so fussy when your cutting the garlic
if there's a little bit of a skin leave it
chuck them all in
but there not crazy yet
wait when i make those very crazy
a little bit of chilli
to make it a little bit spicy
it make it go a little bit crazy slice a couple of chilli if you like it more please
do you use more but two should be enough because their quite strong go straight in
you bless them slowly
i just turn it i almost want to kiss this fish look at the
way they cook so
gentle full
of love omg what im cooking is so
then some tomato
just a couple of tomato anywhere you like it
i need a little bit of acidity i need a little bit of sweetness
and the tomato this is what it gives you it gives acidity and sweetness
it combines so well with the garlic the chilli the fish
it is important for you to get nice fish go with a mackeral if you like mackeral
tastes fantastic
with the seabass fantastic go with red mullet
now i get some water water goes in
the fish
starting boil and going crazy
its getting lovely smells that get right through the steam inside the fish so
between fry
and steaming
now im going to put some nice
fresh parsley
rip the parsley with
your hands cover
at the top
smell the fish
oh my god you should smell
i promise you will smell the fish come on smell it
the way the fish is all happy with a smile
and also they have gone a little bit crazy because they said
what is this man talking about
did you hear the bell
i think the village saying
come on lets do it its time when is it going to be ready i want to eat
the fish keep for about 5 minutes
and after 5 minutes
remove the lid
the fish is ready
should be ready now
lets have a look
oh yes
you can see
the flesh come out the body
and look how creamy it is
can you see
this is all creamy
most has disappeared
everything is mixed together to make a harmony
almost like making new music
you should cook it you should do it
lets just put it inside a plate
here's the fish
here's the other fish oh my my my
now im just going to put on top
watch me
now this is fish in
crazy water
what the joy
first of all ti have to taste it
i have to put a bit of bread inside
look at me now come on
rain come along
clap your hands and lets eat it
if you want to see more recipes from me to cook it go on Jamie Oliver
food tube channel you will love it
which means
i will cook many different dishes
if you want to see more of my fantastic recipes from the almalfi coast
click on this link now
to see the latest recipe from Jamie Oliver's food tube channel
you must subscribe it is
very easy love you
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Seabream in Crazy water with Gennaro Contaldo

733 Folder Collection
Sū-guân Âng published on June 23, 2015
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