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  • Hi lovely people, look where I am. I am in Amalfi Coast, my hometown, and we are gonna

  • cook together a fantastic dish. You will love it. I'm gonna make fish soup. Full of flavour,

  • full of life and full of passion. Such an easy dish to do.

  • Can you see all the fish

  • we got in this morning? Everything's extremely fresh. Here on the Amalfi Coast this is what

  • is available, use other different fish as well; seabass, why not it's beautiful, cod,

  • why not it's beautiful food, coley, yes, and so and so and so. Let me show you what to

  • do it. With this particular amount of fish, which is about a couple of kilos, I use three

  • cloves of garlic which I roughly slice. Just squash them a little bit. Then I use onion,

  • quarter, roughly chop. Getting a nice chilli, half should be ok, chop it, fantastic. We

  • cook on the charcoal. Olive oil. Get everything, just put them inside. You sweat. Shake them

  • a little bit. While that one is cooking get a lovely sweet tomato. You see, people sometimes

  • they smell the tomatoes and say 'oh yes they smell'. Tomato does not smell. What they get

  • the smell of is they get the smell of the top of the tomato so you can put them inside

  • as well, that will help. Cut them in quarters or in half.

  • Put the tomato inside. It is about

  • a kilo of tomato. I love it when all my friends is around, they even write my recipe down.

  • Turn around, it's Vincenzo with his bucket. He's coming around. He just told me don't

  • forget the salt. Yes, you need a little pinch of salt. Once it's cooking this way you need

  • the water. Fantastico. Now you let it cook this one for about twenty minutes, let everything

  • settle down and then you start to put the fish inside. Look at that! Twenty minutes

  • go by until almost the tomato melted. Let me show you how you're gonna to use the fish

  • now. This is cuttlefish but squid will do as well. Leave the skin and everything. Cut

  • them in small pieces. Those tentacles has been cleaned as well, just cut them in half,

  • put them inside. Then you get to the nice gurnard and then you cut it into small pieces.

  • Shake them a bit. This one you can use for making fantastic stock, put them inside the

  • fridge. Then you get the weever. chop the tail and then, again, chop him into small

  • pieces. Look how fantastic it is. Then you go to the monkfish. Here, oh yes! You got the

  • prawn, I just remove the skin and you have a look if there is any intestines to remove

  • it, yeah. I need to put a little bit more water. You can get so much fluid out of the

  • fish but it needs a little help. Stir it a little bit, make sure it's not burning. We

  • need to put in the parsley. This has been washed, yes. Little bit of salt. What I like

  • cooking in my home town is cooking for real with friends, with family, all persons very

  • near to me. You are very near to me because we cooking together. Prawns goes in. Then you

  • get the cigale, all in. Then we go with the mussels, cockles, this is going to give a

  • fantastic flavour. Little extra virgin olive oil. Cook for about twenty minutes. I gonna

  • cook inside the wood fire oven but at home you cook more on your stove. Oh my, my. Look

  • at this. It is so beautiful, so tender. Now this is ready I just roasted some nice little

  • bit of bread. I'm gonna put some garlic on it, put it inside, I just want it to suck

  • that lovely flavour. Just a little bit of olive oil just on top then put it all in.

  • So much flavour. This is memory, yes, it is memory. A little bit of juice, yes. Parsley

  • and a little bit more of olive oil. Bruschetta on the side. This is fish soup made by Gennaro

  • with such love and passion and I can't wait to eat! I want to eat! I love it! Lovely people

  • of Food Tube channel please tune in, let's enjoy it all together. I love you. Bless.

  • For lots more lovely recipes make sure you check out Jamie magazine, the Italian issue. Love you!

Hi lovely people, look where I am. I am in Amalfi Coast, my hometown, and we are gonna

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