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Ed McMahon. Al Borlin. TV’s Frank. All slightly dim stars in the pantheon of Second Bananas.
But it’s not just people who can stand in the shadows, indeed, what we have here is
probably the most famous #2 in video gaming history. Always with second billing. Always
behind Super Mario Bros. It’s Duck Hunt, the first (and in many cases, only) experience
most people had with the Zapper.
It’s a classic case of Exactly What It Says On the Tin: You hunt ducks. You have a gun.
And you blow the little feathered bastards out of the sky, because Eddie Izzard told
you to. Your faithful companion dog accompanies you on this quest of destruction, holding
up each of your kills like he’s trying to take credit for it or something. No, dog,
I’m sorry. That’s my doing. I’m the one with opposable thumbs. You’re NOT the
man now, dog. And if you snicker at me one more time I’m going to replace you with
an otter.
Sorry. Had to put that mutt in his place. Anyway, each round consists of 10 birds, deployed
as singles or in pairs. One notes immediately that whereas in singles, the birds tend to
travel in straight lines, paired birds are prone to more diverse midair maneuvers, which
might make tracking them a bit of a pain. Fortunately, you’ve got three shots for
each set of bird or birds, so one miss won’t be a problem. Each downed bird will be marked
in red at the bottom of the screen; to progress to the next round, simply slaughter the quantity
indicated by Mega Man’s life bar down there. But be warned: After 10 rounds, that quota
will increase periodically.
If blasting cute little birds to smithereenies isn’t much your style, you can trade in
the duck blind for a nice, clean, antiseptic shooting range. Here, your targets are clay
pigeons, fired into the distance at varying trajectories. No bastard dog to mock you,
either, just you, the horizon, and discs of socially-acceptable soon-to-be-shrapnel. Be
warned, though, that the clay pigeons always come two at a time; there’s no singles option.
It’s the first and foremost name in the Zapper lineup, even if it does get just a
sliver of the limelight. Look on the bright side, at least it isn’t World Class Track
Meet, a more obscure game with a much more obscure peripheral, that tried to muscle in
between Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. But we’re not gonna stand for that, no sirree
bob! Duck Hunt deserves its own place, and most importantly, its own cart. And you can
still find it, alone, if you’re lucky. Sure, it just takes up more space than the combined
cart, but your collection of games will look more accomplished! So grab a beer, settle
into your duck blind, throw a couple choice words at that stupid mutt,.and settle in for
some sportsmanship all NES-style. It’ll cost less than live ammunition, and you’re
less likely to catch pneumonia.
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CGRundertow DUCK HUNT for NES Video Game Review

3908 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 15, 2013
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