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Word up Food Tubers, we are going to make a beautiful, beautiful cocktail that you guys
are going to love to do at home. The Old Cuban.
It's a twist on a mojito, the most popular cocktail in the world, it's really light and
gorgeous. This was invented by Audrey Sanders, the cocktail
queen of the world. First up we've got a really nice glass like
this. Just a few little ice cubes in there to chill my glass down. We're using a cocktail
kit, they're really cheap to get and the cheap ones I find as a beginner are really, really
good. Okay, the mojito. Cuba, lime!
Half a lime per person. Give it a good squeeze, turn it around and
give ti another squeeze. Get a nice bit in there,.
Now we're not using sugar, like a mojito, we're going to go stock syrup. It's equal
quantities of sugar and water and is so simple. Just put it in a pan, bring it up to a simmer,
let it clear, turn it off and then just funnel it into a bottle.
Put a little spout In and then you can be a cocktail ninja.
25mls into here, beautiful. Then we're going to go in with some dark rum.
We need about 70mls. So one 50ml shot and a kiss. That's kiss from
me which is quite a passionate kiss. Do you know what I mean?
Let's talk about mint. Now this is nice mint. It's better if you can pick it live. Just
that much. Give it a spank, full of beautiful fragrance.
Then bitters, just a couple of little drips. Now we want ice!
That's looking good, now we're going to go in with our larger part of our metal shaker.
Give it a good spank again. 10 nice shakes is lovely. It's fizzing up
beautifully. We've got a nice chilled glass. I'm going to use my little strainer here.
You can see we've got little bits of mint in there and I quite like it. If you don't
you can always sieve ti out! Look at that! I'm just going to top it up.
I'm going to use prosecco just because I love prosecco and it is more affordable.
What that Prosecco does is just lighten it a little bit,
Audrey used dry champagne as she |was trying to balance the most popular cocktail in the
world with the elegance of champagne and make something very special.
It's such a beautiful, beautiful, cocktail if you start knocking those out at a party
people are going to be very, very happy. And remember this works beautifully with my
recipe. The cured salmon for party season. Click the box below and you can see how to
make that. It's an all rounder this one.
So cheers my darling and guys have a go at that because it will put a smile on your face.
Until next time happy shaking!
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Jamie's Classic Cocktails | The Old Cuban

3212 Folder Collection
Yun Lin published on June 18, 2015
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