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bjbjLULU Dr. Dzung Price: Hi. This is Dr. Dzung Price from BeyondGoodHealth.com, and
today we're going to talk about practical anti-cancer strategies that you can apply
immediately to help yourself and your family improve your health and overcome all those
nasty conditions like cancer and degenerative disease. Now I've got Kristine Matheson, who's
actually a best-selling author of the wildly successful, "Cancer to Wellness", book. This
is a step-by-step manual that helps people, gives them self- empowerment tools and strategies
to actually help them on their cancer journey and really gives them the knowledge and the
foundations to create a life that takes them to wellness. So Kristine, what do you think
is the most important strategy that someone who's just been diagnosed with cancer has
to actually really embrace? Kristine Matheson: Well, I think they have to embrace first relooking
at their diet, diet and the right nutrition, and one of the most important things is keeping
your body alkaline. In order to do that, we have to eat 80% raw food. Now 80% raw doesn't
mean you have to just have a piece of lettuce and cucumber and tomato, like a lot of people
think. You can make raw food become very, very interesting. We eat 80% raw at all our
meals, and we make most of our meals. We're very, very busy people, but we're still able
to do that and do it quickly. There are some dishes that take a little bit longer, and
some things that need soaking the day before and all that sort of stuff. But I've got a
super one here that is like within 15 minutes it's on the table. If you decide that you
have people for dinner, this is a really great one to have and it's very alkaline. It's also
has cancer fighting properties, wonderful for people with arthritis and heart and everything.
There are just so many different diseases. I mean let's face it. If you have an alkaline
body, you have a healthy body. Dr. Dzung Price: Yes, and any anticancer strategy is really
also an anti-inflammatory strategy. Kristine Matheson: Exactly, yes. Dr. Dzung Price: Because
if you shut down inflammation, the journey to wellness is so much more successful. I
know you're a cancer survivor yourself. So you can walk the talk. You're a real native
in this. I know that you've applied these strategies successfully yourself with the
recipes that you've actually put together through a lot of sweat, blood, and tears.
Isn't it? Kristine Matheson: Yes, that's exactly right. Years ago, I was diagnosed with stage
four melanoma, and I was told to go away and get my affairs in order. At that time, it
was a bit of a shock to the system. But I was very fortunate to be married to a man
that had beaten cancer, doing exactly what I did. So he got the whip out I suppose you
could say and said, "All right, you have to really change what you're doing." So I did,
and I put protocols together, with nutritional protocols as well as supplements, because
your body is actually depleted in those things too. But most of it came from my food. I buy
95% organic food. Dr. Dzung Price: Yes. Kristine Matheson: I try to buy 100%. Sometimes that's
not always the case, like maybe a lime or something like this, which is amazing for
alkalinity in the body like lemons. Lemons that are alkaline forming in the body, they
might not be available at the time if I'm doing, say this dish. So I've got to go off
somewhere else and get them, which is a shame, but most of the time I do. Dr. Dzung Price:
It's really important, because not only is buying organic you don't get the pesticides
or the chemicals that are put into the food, but they have high energy. They've got the
live enzymes, and they haven't been processed or gassed or stored in cold storage, so they
have more nutrients available to heal your body. Kristine Matheson: That's right. That's
exactly right and you feel good. It's amazing how your head clears and there's none of this
fuzzy head business that you get from eating things like sugar for instance. Sugar is so
dangerous for people, as you know, with cancer, and actually feeds the cancer. So these foods
actually stop you from craving all those nasty foods. The moment you get off that cycle of
eating processed foods and foods with sugar in it, you actually don't crave them anymore.
Dr. Dzung Price: Well you're getting access to more nutrients, and when you have your
nutrients, you're not hungry. Your body's not craving out, in starvation mode. So it
makes it much easier. So what's the first recipe you're going to demonstrate to us?
Kristine Matheson: Well, this is papa and avocado salad with lime and ginger dressing,
This is one of my favourites because it's rather exotic, and it's an accompaniment to
things like chickpea patties, and it's always great with that. It's great with all forms
of protein, but this is one of our favourites. If I'm in a hurry, as I said before, it's
one of the things I'll throw together especially if I've got somebody coming for dinner that
I didn't know was coming, because I've always got these foods on hand. Dr. Dzung Price:
Something that you can do in a few minutes. Kristine Matheson: Exactly, and because I
do have them on hand all the time, we have papa every day, we have avocado every day.
Avocado is amazing for the heart too, as you know. I've always got shallots. I've always
got mixed lettuce. I've always got limes, and I've always got lemons and all these sort
of things. So it's so easy for me to do something, and we've always got ginger. They're a staple
thing that we have in our fridge. So as I said, if you've got people coming in for dinner,
it gets put together like that. So I'll show you how to do it. First I've chopped up in
little cubes some papa. I usually use red papa. I've done a mixture here. Red papa is
sweeter and has a nicer flavour. Then I've also cubed the avocado. It just pops in there.
Dr. Dzung Price: Looks yummy already. Kristine Matheson: Then add just a few shallots I've
cut up. Of course, I've also got a bed of mixed lettuce for presentation more than anything
else. Then what I do first is I just toss this a little bit to start with. Then I throw
in my dressing. Now, it's only a quarter of a cup of lime. Then I'm going to throw a quarter
of a cup of olive oil into the mix. This is so easy and simple this one. Then I'm going
to put a tablespoon of ginger. Now this is why everybody should have a little ginger
with a baby grater in their cupboard. These are amazing, I used to use a big one until
a lady came to visit me once and saw what I was doing. Next time she came around, she
bought me a little gift. Dr. Dzung Price: Well, I'll have to get one of those, because
I've only got a big one. Kristine Matheson: Well, the little kitchen shops. These, it's
great. All the kitchen shops, you know how they have these little tiny things around
the counter when you pick up bits and pieces. Dr. Dzung Price: Ginger has a lot of vital
nutrients and anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory. So that helps, plus it gives a nice kick to
things. Kristine Matheson: It does. It gives a lovely kick to the mix. Now this is an organic
curry powder. Believe it or not, you can buy organic curry powder. So I just put a quarter
of a teaspoon into the mix. This is so simple. You don't even need any extra equipment with
this, and you shake it up. Then you throw the majority of it into the salad here, and
you just leave a little bit outside for the lettuce. You can actually even throw a few
tomatoes on there if you want and sprouts or whatever. So now I'm going to serve it
up. It's very easy to put on a nice white platter, if you have people coming for dinner.
I have another doctor friend. Do you remember Carlos, you know Carlos? Every time he comes
for dinner, he loves this and he takes photographs of it. He thinks it's so wonderful. You just throw the rest
of the dressing here, and voila there's your salad for the evening. Dr. Dzung Price: Wow,
that's amazing. So if you're interested in any of Kristine's recipes, you can go to her
website at www.CancerToWellness.com. She's also available for nutritional consultation
if anyone needs to have extra hand holding and support. Having gone through it herself,
she's a wealth of information and knowledge, as well as support to the people who are suffering
from cancer or for people who have challenges in their health or families suffering from
cancer. So until next time, I'm Dr. Dzung Price, and this is Kristine Matheson. Kristine
Matheson: See you next time around. Dr. Dzung Price: Beyond Good Health. hCr> hCr> h(ru
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Favorite Papaya Avocado Salat For Perfect Health | Beyond Good Health | ‬(07) 3366 8955

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Yun Lin published on June 18, 2015
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