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- Just hold it?
- Yeah, just hold it.
- Ahhh.
Ohhh, ohhh.
Alright, okay.
Alright, I'm just holding you.
(upbeat music)
- My name is Gulsah, and here's my baby, Kaan.
- [All] Hi Kaan.
- If I see a baby at the grocery store,
my goal is to make it smile.
- I'm seeing it through my wife's eyes.
We are thinking about having a baby pretty soon.
- I'm like a big kid, so kids like me.
I think they sense that energy,
we got a thing going on.
- All the Try Guys will agree that I have the least
paternal instinct.
But I have the most dogs.
- Today we're gonna change Kaan's diaper.
That's not something we've ever done before.
- Can you hold him up like a--
- Oh my.
- Like a chicken.
- I've changed diapers before.
- Okay, Keith has done it,
the rest of us have zero experience.
- Alright, I go this.
- Make your wife proud.
- Grab the legs, got 'em.
- Which one's the front?
- I don't know.
- I know, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
This is terrifying.
- We're gonna get a wipe, we gotta...oh no!
- Wipe, wipe, wipe.
Wipe, wipe, wipe, cleaning off your penis.
- That was a fake wipe.
You're missing the wiener.
- You know, sometimes I just don't--
- You wipe the wiener, right?
You gotta wipe the wiener.
I got it right?
This is all that goes into taking care of a baby,
just jumping, so, nailed it.
Ok, now I am confused.
- He's gonna spray.
- Okay.
- Oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no!
- (making baby noises)
- Often it's because the cold air sometimes makes them pee.
- Wow, look at this guy.
- Oh my God, yeah.
- Move his legs up.
- No, but he's so delicate.
- You can do it.
- Up we go, and down we go.
- You don't just manhandle a baby.
- I like this, this is nice.
- What happened?
- Oh, I broke something.
- No higher up, you gotta have more.
- It's upside down.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
- Wait, did you make sure his penis
was pointing in the right direction?
- What do you mean?
- (laughing) what?
- See babies hate me?
I'm just scared, I don't wanna hurt him.
Well dogs are easier cause I can accidentally drop my dogs.
- You just compliment babies to make them quiet?
- Mhm.
You got good calves, buddy.
You work out?
- You have a really electric personality.
- That is a sloppy diaper.
- Done!
- It's on.
- Oh, he doesn't want me to touch him.
- Finally found one thing Eugene isn't good at.
- Yay!
- What song do you normally sing to Kaan?
- Like Turkish baby songs.
- Turkish baby songs?
I know all of them.
(singing in Turkish)
- Kaan.
I know neither of us wanna be in this position,
but we're here, so we're gonna make the best of it.
- Aww.
- I love hanging out with babies.
- It was really fun but now I'm exhausted.
I'm starting to sweat.
- [Man in black] It's a lot of hard work but,
the reward is worth it.
- I feel like I'm holding a priceless jewel.
- I can't wait to have a baby.
(singing in Turkish)
- Yay
- [All the men] Yay.
(upbeat music)
- I'll just give him back.
- Is this the frame you want?
- (babbling)
- Okay, I mean you're directing.
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The Try Guys Change Dirty Diapers • Motherhood: Part 2

723 Folder Collection
王誠 published on June 18, 2015
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