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- The spiciest thing I've ever eaten is pepperjack cheese.
Spicy Food around the World
Spicy Food around the World, Taste Test
We used the FLIR thermal camera
to see if spicy foods affect body temperature
Doro wot, Ethiopia
- It smells absolutely delicious.
- It just looks like a leg on a pancake.
- It's kind of smacking the back of my tongue.
- It's burning my lips, I'm not gonna lie.
- It's got a little kick to it.
- You feel it? - Mm-hm.
- It's kind of like a spicy barbecue.
- My hands are very hot.
- I could eat a whole plate of this.
- On a scale of one to five, I'd give it a four.
Let's see how they look in the thermal camera
The back of their tongues got hotter
Currywurst, Germany
- Oh! - Currywurst!
- So good.
- No, it's actually really spicy hot, too.
- No it's not!
- It has a kick like a really good
third grade soccer player.
- Since it's such a thick sauce,
it coats your mouth and just sits there.
- I think the more you eat of that,
the more you will be numb,
completely numb on your tongue.
- Four out of five.
Thermal cam
Her face and tongue got hotter
Papa a la huancaina, Peru
- This looks gross!
- (howls)
- What is this?
- It's like spicy, gross egg salad.
- It smells like nacho cheese.
- This looks like something a bad babysitter
would feed their kids.
- Oh, it is nacho cheese!
- Oh, is that a potato in the egg?
- This is a purple Peruvian potato.
- This is delicious.
- It's like Velveeta on eggs and potatoes.
- Yeah, it's a little spicy.
- It's like a two.
Thermal cam
His tongue got hotter
Pad prik khing, Thailand
- Oh, Thai food!
- I'm a fan of rice mixed with spice,
because it always seems to taste better.
- Rice and spice sounds like a 90s R&B group.
- It doesn't look very menacing.
- Girl, it's all rice, you're not even touching the spice!
- I know. - (laughs)
- Kind of tastes like laundry.
- It's very tolerable.
- There's a sweetness to it.
- Yeah, there's a lemon,
I'm tasting lemons,
I don't really get any heat.
- I've had cereal spicier than this.
- One point five out of five.
Thermal cam
Their foreheads and tongues got hotter
Buffalo wings, United States
- Alright, buffalo wings, ready?
- This is some good old American spice.
- Who doesn't want their mouth on fire
on a Sunday afternoon?
- While you're watching football games.
- Oh! - A little bit at the end.
- It's kind of getting to you.
- The joy of chicken wings is
you get to lick your fingers afterwards.
- Yeah, it makes my nose run,
it makes my lips quiver,
it makes me sweat,
but I love it!
- It's not that spicy.
They're just spicy enough to keep you going.
- Two and I'm done.
- Two? - I can't.
- Maybe two!
Thermal cam
Her tongue, neck, and eyes got warmer
Chicken vindaloo, India
- Chicken vindaloo,
oh this looks spicy!
- I'm a little worried about this one.
- It's singeing my nostrils.
- This looks like a ghost pepper's diarrhea.
- No, we don't know what we're getting ourselves into.
- It smells great.
- Let's do it.
- (coughs)
- Oh, my whole mouth is spicy!
- It's like little tiny fires all down my throat.
Oh, and it's going lower.
- Yeah, I'm feeling this in my ears.
- Yeah, I have tears streaming down my face.
- We took too much!
- You have a horror movie in your mouth?
I have a party in my mouth. - He has a dance party.
- ♫ Chicken vindaloo, chicken vindaloo ♫
- This isn't even five, this is like a 12.
Thermal cam
Look at his eyes and her tongue!
- ♫ Do you like spicy food more than anything?
♫ Then get yourself a wedding ring
♫ To spicy foods, what, what,
♫ To spicy foods.
♫ Spicy, yeah! ♫
- Yeah!
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Spicy Food Around The World Taste Test

814 Folder Collection
James published on June 16, 2015
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