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- Ta da! - Whoa. Hey, what is that?
This is a list of everything we need to buy today.
Really? All that?
All that. Broom's Mart's having a sale right now.
We'd better hurry before they're
sold out of everything we need.
- Can I get a video game? - I want a new teddy-bear.
You guys, I'm afraid those things aren't on the list.
Okay, buckle up, you two. Here we go!
- Okay. - Yeah!
Oh. All of these cars.
Over there. Mom. Look.
Huh? Yes!
Goodness, are you alright?
Oh, my, we're too late.
Mom, look. There's one.
Where is it? Ah!
Oh! There's already a car there.
Well mom, looks like this isn't going to work.
I'm not giving up. Huh?
- A parking spot! - A parking spot!
Helly, so how's traffic in town?
Actually, Broom's Mart is having a sale,
and all the roads around it are jammed up.
Oh, no, I forgot all about the sale.
Oh, I was going to get a new bathing suit,
but what if they're all sold out?
Jin, don't you think we should worry about
the traffic problem first? Helly, let's move out!
Okay. Now, just wait for me to get the door.
Huh? Watch out!
You should be more careful, Mom.
I told you to wait!
- Are you okay, Mommy? - Yes, I'm okay.
Stop! Okay, please go now!
I think it's under control now.
Helly, how does it look over there?
Well, I've still got a lot of cars headed to the store.
Really? Okay, I'm coming to help.
- Okay! - So late! I am so late!
Huh? What's going on?
That car is not driving safely.
Hey, Mom. I'll go put this back.
Huh? There's that car...
Oh, yeah. Full speed ahead!
Awesome! Yeah-yow!
Oh. There's nowhere to park.
Huh? Watch out!
No, stop!
Oh man.
Parking lots are dangerous places.
You should always watch your children in them.
Oh, it happened so fast.
As for you ma'am.
You cannot drive that fast when you're in a parking lot.
I'm just so sorry. I was afraid I'd miss the sale.
Kevin, Suji, you both need to listen to me carefully
and be cautious from now on.
- Right. - Right.
You should not run or play in a parking lot,
because you never know when or where a car may pop out.
It's very dangerous.
And it's easy to stumble over a speed bump or parking block,
so you should always walk slowly and look where you're going.
Also, remember before you get out of a car,
To make sure the car has completely stopped,
And make sure no cars around you are moving.
When you are in a parking garage,
It is very dark and hard to see,
So always be sure to walk with an adult.
And also, Kevin! You have got to know,
It's extremely dangerous to ride a bicyle
or shopping cart in a parking lot!
- Understand? - Yes, I do, Poli.
Listen, Mom, are we ever going to get home?
Almost done.
Okay, maybe if I put this over here...
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[Trafficsafety with Poli] 14.Don't play around in a parking lot

790 Folder Collection
kelly published on June 16, 2015
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