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The Internet is like a breeding ground for conspiracy theories.
well some are juste stupid and funny, others
promote ignorance and an unhealthy distrust.
So we went to the Kurzgesagt lab and developed a foolproof system
to destroy not all but a lot of
conspiracy theories. It's really simple, just ask yourself:
Does the theory affect really rich and powerful people?
Is the answer yes, OK, then it's most likely... Not true
Let's test it on three examples
Number one: There is an easy cure for cancer but it's withheld because
it would destroy the profits of pharmaceutical companies.
Do really rich people die of cancer, like might enough say
the former CEO of Apple? Yes?
There is no suppressed cure for cancer.
Number two: Chemtrails, the theory that airplanes spray chimicals in the air for
population control or some of the crazy reason.
Do really powerful people breathe air? Do Obama or Putin breathe air? Yes
Chemtrails are not a thing
Number three: Apocalyptic conspiracy theories
The world will end soon because of the Antichrist, Mayas
Aliens, someone say that. Do really rich and powerful people ignore the
soon to be upon us and a very evident apocalypse? Yes?
The world will not end soon.
This obviously doesn't works for every conspiracy theories out there
But it does works for some of the most stupids one's. So the next time someone tries to
convince you that Illuminati puts stuff in you water, just show him this video
and maybe be a more selective about your friends on Facebook.
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The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

2121 Folder Collection
Lypan published on June 15, 2015
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