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such a crime year jag
year how much money on 72,000
last month you show me pay stub for seventy two thousand dollars on I quit
my job right now
I work for you everybody welcome to what the flick holiday movie season
on the ground they met at City crystal Amir then make a words
Martin Scorsese's back and he has three hours a story to tell you
everything go second in three hours and it does indeed feel like it fell
so it's got any it back together Leonardo DiCaprio for what this is like
their six or seven film together
and this time Leo stars as Jordan Bell Ford
who is a a self-made mega lo maniacal multi-millionaire like to do
blow up a strippers asses and things like that
and crashing I you know I think it the documentary
I'm Bay it and how he made a lot of money and catch up when you get into
and how he ran off with the FBI and it is basically three hours and debauchery
tickle my name is Jordan Bell at the tender age of 22
I headed to the only place that would fit my high-minded Mb
by the
I will come legend the real question is this:
was on sleep
I me
in against this is a really long leaving
if fun a is overblown it is repetitive it is she a lot but I love and it could
have been shorter
be definitely but I will say this is maybe my favorite lynyrd have reform
entertainer locking out could actually funny images funny and he
engine magnetic I mean like he has a physical comedy moment that is
owned incredible at present like it like nothing I've seen since I think Steve
Martin in all of me the kind of the contortions that he goes through and
it's brilliant to watch
but also he is so charismatic and magnetic in this movie there's a scene
there's a couple scenes where he you know he they call together all the
brokers the office the release or
work them up into a lather and get the pics I didn't really kinda peplum up
and it's like watching burt lancaster's amor gantry that level of electricity
and I love
just sheer showmanship I join a hill is great
I think there's a lot of individually amazing things in this movie
I but its it runs it wears out its welcome it did you get repetitive it
does need to be three hours
I and the women aren't given any voice at all
I'm Michael robbie is actually very very good at his wife she even much more than
just an incredibly hot
by Irish intended to be objectified which if that was the intention they
certainly do and I'll
he is going to kill at the time and you look amazing with the bread why you know
I think might have actually had some
some inside the would have be not only you know just have to have a voice the
movie would have told us more about
DiCaprio's character I think part of what we're this is a
this is meanie shockingly is that this is mostly set in the eighties but it
bleeds into the nineties
arm but this is a boys club
I mean even the women in a boys club our boy talk with yeah I me i mean they talk
you know they talk about the hookers and asses and blow ahead of Pakistan
your right i mean the the it is it is as much a boys club who just happen to be a
couple women and the wives ur
there are relevant to these guys I mean these guys are
these guys are pathological arm and at times
like you're laughing at him and the jokes get repeated I guess it could have
been shorter because
it just it there was a lot of the same stuff but to it's quite funny
but those jokes get repeated again and again I found myself after a while
be like why am i laughing at these guys with their what they're doing is
I mean I love decadent and I'm not judg-
but like they make they crossed so they
they cross over into a decadent that to get at the eventually you're like
I felt bad at some point I started to feel bad
laughing at and bentsen that what it is no I don't get if they don't give a shit
if anybody's offender for the rest
time really any more like you know the right opposite are you
that not a question for you file H the I guess the repetitive nature of it and
that at some point you're like wow there
there you're there they're sick and they have no moral compass
at all like if that will except maybe as it turns out to some extent
looking out for each other but but not really even
you know so there's really nothing there the end and it tells you a lot about
Wall Street which is clearly the intent which was
it is just about making money for us it will even give a shit about the quiet
the Commission its us it started assets get rich and more and more and more and
what you've done
blow of I'll for hookers asses
you're running out a bit more what's more tenet what's
and then and so at some point you know you wanted somebody's characters to
step back hope that in the city wanted in the movie you hope they'll be step
back and be like
geez what are we doing a William items I have ever might be so much
I'll goodfellas for better and for worse right
I mean just the energy have it ver the structure on it but there's this whole
sequence where they are a capias walking them
walking us through with the narration what time it has to be to begin doing
his drugs we can get the plane is direct and likes to remain high the whole time
it's just like the whole segment in goodfellas really you're talking about
the helicopters are of lotteries alright alright
is to finish realized how superior
others got a deep don't have anymore he's doing for himself you know
I thought this was actually so i mean i i yeah I'm not I don't know.
I like this a lot and I felt like for small I think this is
scorsese is funniest movies ever done I agree right reinvent sometimes people
reacting to comedy
I think this is far from here the king of comedy and I think this movie is
meant to be
kinda silly and farcical you care it's a black comedy
it is ok but you can't you can't I don't think you can look at those
it would be difficult to look at those dies on Wall Street as real people
because they're so over the top and I think that if you can really tell the
story effectively
you have to be as over-the-top yet to show everything in lurid detail
and celebrate with them to try to get the appeal
go on the ride as opposed to you know kinda sarcastic skewering the cheese or
not sarcastic but the dark securing
you see an american psycho right I think this is a
which would be a weird double feature but I same people
right I thought this movie is really fine its its
yes its you know the one thing that to me is lacking is any sense of come up
and it's
like I I felt like at the end it's its I'm like goodfellas on my casino
feel like things kinda fall apart and you
you identified with these characters or some of them
and some others almost a little bit a nostalgia for when there were no
this one I'm not sure you ever start to identify with the cap
yeah I'm not sure that your at not possible you and they don't suffer in
the way the characters the
right the you know the sensors in
in 1944 they they would have had a problem with your track to be that they
don't get there
yeah i i wouldn't complain that the movie doesn't at all address the victims
are these people which
I don't think is that this this is that this is not this movie story that help
the didn't bother me I mean I think we all know with a big belly address the
big ballers
but it does make you there's disdain for the perpetrators
that the crimes and I'm so it's not like it at favorable movie to altering
earlier this isn't about
Valentina me II but I kinda sad my roots actually this is the
this is the better Great Gatsby in terms of like you know a hollow decadence and
you know the the sort of show we wealth
that was how it is in celebration what they do get it over the top back I'm
she's making a statement about
them doing anything necessarily Ron all know if you only have like a were
staying at the hotel
yeah traveling right now dunno bad bet you point out that Leo to get come up
and at the end
Yale but he doesn't because they do I want to give it away but but I mean if
he doesn't because
anything yeah but he's got the great lawyers and an ability
at a time money and that's part of it but thats but much like that he had it
they all these guys all get away with it like who is gone to jail for
right they are laying out what it is they all get away with such a liar
you know again I don't give away but there something he says
after all comes crashing down in fact 0 a.m.
right there's a chance I will tell you after but there's the lie that he says
that's like oh okay I'm now totally okay with his big three hours
you can I this is now if you look at the right way I think this is the most
scathing indictment Harvey dichotomy
have well had income in this country that I think we see
elijah is a big statement in this movie and i think is a good one in and
and my theater which is packed laughed but on and allows where they were and
it's funny
and screening packed mean is packed with a on a lot but with there is it died
down energy wise yeah
the unit to repeal the balloon deflating a little though and that's a man in some
shocking things toward the end some similar to how the
stated NC-seventeen NCAA Division ragged and
but there's also get some some parts were mission by wanna
some mild at the end it's a little shocking but well done and and and you
mentioned in but Jonah Hill
he's dynamite and I really really quickly previous great
I'm riders grabbed my hand like to change your long-range
a Jean Dujardin and my gave the lot of fun
slightly late anyway issues in pan am was ninety you ever saw a problem she's
she is I she is so beyond the first wife whose name I forget was the mother on
how is is the mother
now on how i met your mother all right but not yet what's missing from the
Friday Night Lights TV show
I'll Taylor trial to eat away FBI
he knows what he's doing yeah he's a pro fashional alright so I i came in at
a happy right now of we're at the point 0.70
ma'am and emails higher than you point A and low
psycho I 9 yeah it's good yet to were the nine
a a word 8.3 already dropped Kristy low or I
girl mister any minute now I
at a point where critic thing I'll
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The Wolf of Wall Street (Starring Leonardo DiCaprio) Movie Review

1609 Folder Collection
Fai Yiu Wo published on June 14, 2015
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