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Bumps or Moguls are something you're going to find a lot of if you're going off-piste
They can be quite intimidating at times. But with some the techniques we're going to look at
you'll be amazed at how much more confident you'll start to feel
When you're starting to ski bumps
try and find some nice ones like this they're not too intimidating
the bumps behind me here are a little bit too big to start with.
You might be able to get down them
but if you're try to work on your technique find some smaller ones
that aren't going to intimidate you.
A good way to practice the bumps is find a few small ones like this
and you can actually go across them.
We're going to keep our hands in front
shoulders over your feet and relax.
Two goals
keep your head at the same level so you can absorb the bumps
pushed down into the trough, absorb.
and the other one is to keep your feet in contact with the snow
all the way through, nice and smooth. So the hands are in front
Absorb, pushed down, really keep that head at the same level.
Stay balanced over your feet.
Let the bump push your feet up and then extend down into the trough.
We're going to look at three ways to handle these bumps.
The first one is actually turning on top of the bump
A lot of people try and ski around them the whole time and avoid them
and it's not always the best thing to do. We actually going to use that bump to help us.
It's perfect here. I've got a lot of space around the bump.
they're not too close and turning on the top is probably the best option.
So nice and positive
on top of that bump, here's another one on top, on top
Positive pole plant, turning on the bump looking ahead
and anticipating what's down the slope.
Get the timing right and the bump will help you turn
So another way to do it for these small bumps if you've got some space around them
You can turn around the outsides. If it looks like you've got an opening
and space it's not a bad option.
Start to use a combination of these two techniques in the smaller bumps
It will give you more options on where you can turn
Turn around the bumps or on top.
Be versatile.
Once you're feeling happy on the smaller bumps we're going to look at the third thing
that is going to help you deal with steeper slopes and bigger bumps.
The last thing look at is using the back side of the bump as a brake.
So I'm actuating going to turn into it,
use that face to slow me down and then gently turn around it.
You'll probably find it happening more on steeper bumps that are a little bit closer together
and probably the slope is a bit steeper as well. Lets take a look.
So there's a back. Use the back of that slope.
I'm turning into the back side of the bump the around.
Plant the pole, feel the break and then turn around.
Think about where you gonna be on the first two or three bumps.
Don't just set off with no idea or plan for where you are going to be turning.
So for at least those first three you are going to be in a good position
and get the rhythm and then you're flowing down the run.
The other thing to watch is your speed into the first turn.
Don't go off there like a man possessed
and spend the next two turns trying to get control back.
Start off nice and easy and build it up.
I'm coming on to face here
some nice bumps down here but before I'm going to go
I'm going to plan my first two or three turns after that it's going to be much more ad-lib
But get those first two or three sorted in your head before you actually set off.
You're going to be in a rhythm and you're going to have much more time
to handle the rest the run. So I'm looking in front of me, the hands in front,
I'm going to do a turn around that one over there
Nice and smooth. Absorb those bumps
keep those hands in front, looking ahead of you,
always be a step ahead.
It's not about using any one of those techniques,
it's about using all three.
Pick out the right one at the right time and you'll find yourself having a lot more
control coming down the bumps.
It's really important to look ahead and if you looked at a bump
and decided to make a turn on it,
don't keep staring at it. Push that gaze forward. You'll have much more time to react
and you'll see things coming at you earlier. Keep those hands in front
and really trying and relax. You can actually turn something that is quite intimidating
into something that is a lot of fun
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How To Ski Bumps / Moguls - Advanced Ski Lesson #6.4

1245 Folder Collection
ray published on June 10, 2015
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