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hey everybody welcome back back in sixty Seconds let Sam get back over here we
have days 17 going on a beer
Mary gmail sidles hope she hurries back soon
have a game to me something to drink he's not looking well he's in get water
but a DT
today was relatively calm for dealers and there's nothing going on with Ted
nothing new anyway until you get water two morrow
and no he's hungry to be stirs the weather in Timmy obviously
but not immediately know I'm a diaphragm get water food
thirsty or hungry all teams going getting there
now we've discussed everything we could no one is willing to chat anymore that
sounds really disturbing we should do something before we start talking to
ourselves instead well unfortunately
great you got broke really early in to be a game so
pointers run soars really much we can do I'm here is a pretty weird noises
would settle down day 18 hours not the year
maybe we try really hard we can hear the neighbors and a shelter TV for example
use right now as you get some water
waters or dealers 1 cent ed which is for is a few drops of water so
on da get water D-twenty TV needs water today
so there you go my son thank you for bringing us a wire to begin with
now for you would I let you know rally for days ago now and that's about it on
now is under enough to serve you get some water the trash can is becoming
full band the soup cans and that unmentionable bucket is overflowing
Baltimore attracting strangely glowing suspiciously big insect wildlife
roaches weren't that big before the war really up why we have to use our boys
your magazine now
why do we really have one uses the a.m
insecticide our we have no choice but he's the boys coming using someone like
you know
use it up and we won't have anymore car will be no still there
good good let's see here
D-nineteen that was close and Nestor those glowing bugs might have been more
than enough to drive us into the wasteland roaches are the worst
three-letter roaches yikes
tim is very hungry dealers as a drink sometime 10 should ring sometime soon
nom already you're hungry just now loraine
tim is very hungry so Yemen whole of two days so
water twenty food 21 that we're looking at right now
mary jane says and come back day nineteen as long as we have food and
water we can stay logged in
ball had to leave eventually it would be good to head straight to safety in so
getting ourselves into more trouble
and that's even possible in a situation I hope is that our brave soldiers will
come to rescuers in diggers who will hit in
will start government shelter 10 had comments about thirteen your comments
about those
so you know the must exist all we need to do is make contact with military
now of I have news about dad I need a 20
let's see not the region's back
you broad nothing
in return I see nothing new here
it is one thing you do is a radio in regular bases yeah we can do that
no not be made us happy to the side of the region returning to the shelter from
the surface our expedition reach the church which was still standing mostly
was in fact intact
I'll be got a flashlight I guess I dinos and I guess I could be useful
some people decided to turn it on turn into a shelter as we found out it was
more than that
we weren't sure what religion they follow but they were very eager to
convince is a two meals at the source have only worn it plans are the only of
what are the best the surviving church quarters was filled with quite a few
treasures namely a flashlight
and a collection the books about evolution we took the flashlight
marion is quite hungry and she's quite tired
tell me she did something there was about
there has to be some water left Lori should come get it
or Joyce is gonna get only tell you
but the kids are here right now
and 10 stomach is rumbling okay well
let's see here we're eating and a twenty-one et cetera I would Loris
Andy Teddy
Timmy my needs to drink water today if I'm right
is how we distribute the sorry for got a little while ago
I'm pretty sure it was food
he needs the rate in May region is quite hungry in really tired
you but no food back door will work is a
so you take that you guys drink on 21
and man you're hungry minds we'd
night every up we have to send somebody else now
the law is in pretty good shape 10 seems to be really itchy for a trip
we don't think mary she married you go outside she's tired anyway until he's in
good health in full of optimism
what happens if i sended
would delors is the one its thirst the raid along with Ted
I'm a settlers out just the kinda see myself an extra bit of water
I know it sounds terrible put together the last Tennessee would be surface
agrees to not join the idea was to ration it carefully but delores insist
on serving the whole thing right now should we do it
Knoll absolutely not too long as you know you got their mind getting here
get it was gonna go out there what
keep no
Bowl was at the water dehydration I thought we could go one more day i
I miss read it %ah
too many days and I want to take their toll ted i dehydration
only made a few drops last yeah
you know we don't negotiations ago now but will get a peaceful resolution in
the end lower is greatest as a super later
we didn't make it deserve final words in our advice anyone resist
obscured rating we held out for 21 days
Anna now excited about that run so we're gonna give another one right now
I that when a woman she unfortunately but we give it a try because I miss it
is absolutely way too short
and again we're making is a little mini series and we definitely want to beat
the game on camera these ones I've done it off camera I was actually rescued
by the military ones which i guess im really surviving completely but
it's a rescue when it counts as a victory would imagine but I want to do
it on camera for shizzles good interview came over here
or do apocalypse and we will do you that men are more sure why not be an
okay I wonder numb pretty sure that the difficulty only affects the time before
the bombs drop I wondered as a you know maybe easier events
man got some really bad men surround so your mom wife
race for daughter radio see about it
okay let's do this Bama
damn wrap this up in a shelter we have some water in here as well
grab nada grab sign grand chessboard its rate their checkers board whatever
you know what I mean come over here we will pick up mapped
water anything else anything else anything else they see
she just dropped everything at Arena yeah I think one of the best things you
can do is add you have nothing else
don't just done goal for something else is dropping initially
and you could probably do better by just on doing that
isola yeah that is more soup there that's fine dropped us off its come over
here we still need to get gas mask
really important we have the Met kid and should be admitted yet
I wanna see we don't seem to find medicated we don't have it
insecticides here not make this right there but makers to
I may have to come back grab medicaid wife and that's about it
yeah it's where everything over here
in making to make every minute cool as those miniature how much we did in terms
of rationing no
and other important as we got the radio correct it's one thing we can do
especially when it the military
and a year so day one we looking at here
three bottles of water a lot of food rifle fire axo case were missing
that can immediately see right now flashlight Boy Scout magazine
in presented
may be playing cards maybe boards as well I dunno but else
not too bad I mean water again to be a big issue
but so be it already was open up and start day one year
we all know the logistics and each is that the one over here nobody gets a
team is in a really needed
still is continuing forward we was wanted to a party with a huge cake for
some reason never worked one-timer promise a great cake internet was a lie
at there was a disappointment we were glad we're definitely getting a cake
when the reactor clouds are gone
okay so is a lie if I've learned my lesson about it
day number two see what's happening here
may be moving away won't be too bad
we can probably make new friends meet new people pray he was still alive that
exiting 101 Mary Jane Timmy seems okay
a reason midler is intense mine ok it's not as well per day to hear
rationing rationing ration Falcon
we wanna do more trips to the wasteland this time around I feel
however is it important to do it now not too sure
believe in a veteran out ring ring dear
dear we are thinking we would never hear Telcom signal again then suddenly upon
such ringing from somewhere outside we figured it be the phone but across three
should someone to answer the set last around we actually skipped this
nom we give it a try this time we have a gas mask with dad
ruin the gas mask don't we're just going outside to pick up the phone ruin the
gas mask and not sure
in but you know what is I skip 27 last time was do something different a sign
actually do it
I'm gonna send money said Mary G
appear I'm sorry mary jane sometimes I do see you as lead an expendable organ
she can take the gas mask and she's back already happen
well we got to the phone do well he expected surprise an answer the phone
quickly we're so excited to hear a voice on the other end the line excited that
isn't too we realize it was a pre-recorded sales message for canned
tomato soup I it's funny
nothing is happy in a side of me region returning to the shelter from the
surface Mary Jane is really tired
team doesn't need much but he could use a drink delores is doing some time and
date someone is so day five is when we start giving waterways
for now but for now just give it now we getting somebody out now
it is really handy radioactive dewey's send everybody or anybody out now there
was no real answer
my real question I guess I would like the answer but the question is we send
somebody out now
you know what let's actually try to start doing
stuff early maybe is it a good idea
not imagine is probably really radioactive out there right now so we
should really give it a few days am
yeah knows failed it's safe here it so easily escalate silly arguments in close
quarters and help we were chatting and suddenly we're fighting in fighting
was his hope they will get over this soon in
night so get some resume regionid you help me for whenever incessant you out
there for sure
okay day for we done fighting but for how long can you spare some water Mary
Jane has been asking about it all day
how mugging tell me something to drink is not looking well dollars a string
some time until he's wanted to survive
Gandhi fives Water Day guys still pull up along here
de Fortaleza de resto irradiated know if we say now is unsafe
I'm in a hold of it one more time this is terrible we can sleep in having
problems that sleepy ever since we got down here but now it's worse than ever
don't deal with this probably won't be able to cope any other challenges that
await us outside
the shelter doors a Mac where you wanna lay used to make it is because you can't
and fuck that an enemies American right now you're you're god damn mind
way too early for the medicated care is the press now
want to bet I'm sorry can have your valium
it's not going to happen briefly nor your sentence we try to get a lease an
hour to us leave no luck were more tired than we were
and there are other problems we still need to face it was just so Bargnani
will be enough to scare readers away or save us from radiation sickness
Mary dessert eaters the rayburn is really very sorry now so now it is time
to drink water
for sure so Bomer boomer movement
and boom night so we're down to two bottles now in
everybody's tired he said in a tent city can go out city to me outside is a bit
risky but is here to help
so will hold off for now and for now we can scavenge so hopefully over time they
actually I'm
rest up so we can send people out there we start life would be much better
there was before we got new now within a week less could be much better
in a way nothin was it's not that much has changed
980 day 6
everybody still seems tired other than Timmy wondrous
his childlike vibrance you know doesn't make him tired so easily
memories are not me to keep our heads clear get a grip on reality had a
personal reasons better
when things are calm now let's see here nothing you happen in Mary Jane Timmy
seems okay
and Doris is fine intensified so no rationing today
let's see I can still send him out he said in the best condition a venture
outside the sole yeah
either we're gonna send anybody out just yet we're discussing plans for for
similar the new feature to me to see but we heard jails outside we discover the
came from a small group of ragged survivors they were
a sorry sight word surprise when he requested aid the ass is to provide
anything we could water food or medical supplies lock
no no I would not be opposed to giving food away just because we have a lot of
in assuming it
we given food maybe they'll give us something that we don't have
such a possibility rain their neighbors water because otherwise I wouldn't be
asking for water
but maybe they give us a gun boys go magaziner a flashlight or maybe even
that could be pretty useful so I'll give them food for sure
sounds kinda risky even stuff away near
situation like this we know maybe the outcome could be pretty useful year
in I don't see the new year low we'll see
our visitors had problems signing enough words to express our gratitude many
tears were shed smiles and houses change in the wish does all the best is great
feeling to be helping someone out
the list soon after the city seek shelter in the ruins overtown we hope
they make it there
um we done at the Ford saw a No
bob moses take you know allude have hope in the fact he did something nice for
some people that are probably out of the lucky no
suck that I did something in return
Mary Jane is quite hungry despite today's organs as in trouble we're going
through timmy is
being very brave everything's looking good lawyers in a new browser darling
this fine morning so um me regions hungry no surprise there but she can all
other longer here
our neighborhood still highly reactive 10 he's in good health and full of
optimism I think if we're gonna sentiment out any point
this may be the best time to do it so tell me my friend my son
my firstborn you be going out tomorrow
we start like to get much better those before we got nuked
and then we have the cake is a lie course night date
what we have here can we still downtown a
septic looking to pass is not wise security situation we did think about
and tomorrow Mary geez agonies a little food everyone has to drink legally Mary
Jane is there any wonder last
Timmy need something to drink water is all yours wasn't at the some water
so on should be sent to me out there without drinking
yeah sure in not so will send the other two me on everest thirsty now right so
we have to drink by
day 10 is a person who enters the rain in a feed her tomorrow at some ride
if I'm doing too many are correctly so it's a go outside to me of course
night any good luck to gas mask and come back to us
and bring a lot of water view bring water to us we could definitely possibly
denied it may regions quite hungry we should give me reducing a drink
tv went out to the wasteland we don't know what I would do if he doesn't come
back to lower should really
would really love to eat something to luisa spring sometimes and doris was
I so she's fine art is hungry where is water
when Ted needs okay so you eat now anybody drinks tomorrow if I'm correct
one minute it was fine and the next year a teacher's notes how did this happen
this is insane we need to get a grip on our sales were going to survive this
leads to sleep on it
I'll see here date added:
so now we drink water for sure
everybody if I'm right we stopped our keeper for how long a region is quite
marriages very 30 seen as a drink some teenagers fucking FEMA Region
delores really love to be something is reading meters water hungry
water okay I could have sworn it is but this woman right now to
may have some food I guess Jesus Christ and that's fine
you bills lease and 30 rock I was just quench the hunger and thirst for now and
a 10
day 10 the trash can about it in discussing the good news is you don't
have much of an appetite
when we see it sore saving some food that yet for some reason we will be
related to this mess up does jangling got grizzard
pretty good motivator so we use the insecticide on the cockroaches in
you know seems liver negative outcome for now one
day levin now good god what happened ted
let's see here day levin et was a close that was close Nestor those glowing bugs
might have been more
not enough to drive us into the ways and roaches are worsted
redirect the roaches are worst other okay there is anything you bothering
Mary Jane delores would really love to eat something acknowledges bed you to
I guess a long week even for me in the more that Tina
things that would make sense his hungry Intel got sick that's really quite
unfortunate already so we call in a visit here and a Levin
to next time for the next 10 players due to the thumbs up I will catch you
next time
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Let's Play 60 Seconds - The Waterboy - Gameplay - Episode 2

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