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  • I've been told that I am very like bootylicious,

  • so I'm just worried that

  • it's a look that I won't be able to find anywhere else

  • and this might turn into a habit.

  • Guys Wear Leggings For The First Time

  • I hear they are comfortable.

  • They're attractive...I guess. I don't know

  • Leggings make me thirsty as the kids say.

  • So these are more of your standard jeggings.

  • These are really nice.

  • These scream my name.

  • Good thing I wear underwear.

  • I was not prepared for this video which is why I wear robot boxers today so please don't show that.

  • Pants of the past get out of here.

  • Here we go. These are really colorful.

  • a freaking glove.

  • Now just feel like I'm getting into a leotard.

  • Is that kind of the leggings move?

  • Do girls do this move in private to get these things on.

  • This is ridiculous! This is ridiculous!

  • My penis is doing the division sign right now. I got a testicle here testicle here.

  • It is tight! WHAT!!

  • I think this is my new style.

  • Who needs jeans?

  • This is much better. I should be wearing it to a bar like I think these are like you wear a thong with these, right?

  • I look like a chicken.

  • How do you feel?

  • Feel like Gisele or a gazelle. Gisele's Tom Brady's wife.

  • I guess I felt like her too.

  • Like I can kick really well.

  • That's pretty good.

  • They are warmer than I expected. They are really sealing flavor.

  • I felt like a very weired superman right now.

  • This is like what Spider-man wears,

  • Spider-man wasn't even into like fighting crime, he just wants to wear these and be comfortable

  • These are tight, I feel althetic.

  • Final thoughts

  • I wish it was socially acceptable for guys to just wear these.

  • I'd say you know go for it, like if you really like have these be on you as a guy, or you identified it as a guy. I say go for it.

I've been told that I am very like bootylicious,

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