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In this video I am going to teach you how to make my blue cheese polymer
clay charm.
This one is shown as a wine charm and it is actually quite simple to make.
You'll need three colors. You'll need an off
white color. For this I used 3/4 translucent, 1/4 white and a touch of yellow.
Then you'll also need a little darker beige
color. and this was also made with 3/4 translucent, 1/4 white and then you'll want to add a yellow
brown hint to it and I made that ochre color like a golden yellow mixed with a burnt umber
brown. Just a touch.
And then the other color you'll need is a blue-green color. This I mixed literally with
half blue, half green and then a little bit of raw umber brown just to dull it down a
So the first thing we're going to start with is this lighter color and the blue green.
First you want to make this into a cane.
Next, take your light cream color, flatten it out a little bit, to the length of your
cane. Just lay the cane across it.
Next you'll need a razor blade. I am going to chop this up and reassemble it, and chop
it up and reassemble it. This will give us that look of blue cheese. Going to have this
color marble inside it.
After you've mixed this ball of clay into something that looks like blue cheese where
you can see the green and bits and pieces in the swirls then you don't have to chop
it up any more.
Now we need to careful not to blend the colors, but you need to smooth this ball of clay out.
Now once you have a nice ball of clay you'll
need to take a rolling pin and flatten it out.
Now I want this to be thick because blue cheese
is a very thick cheese. this is about the thickness of my fingers and this will work
and I'm going to use my circle cookie cutter.
I do want to soften the edges because I am going to make this into a big roll of blue
The next step will be to add the rind to this cheese. So we'll need this color, the soft
beige and we need to run it though the pasta roller for a thin coat that we'll wrap around
the cheese.
I ran this through my pasta roller on setting 4. I'm going to use my larger cookie cutter,
to cut out a circle.
You might find you have little air bubbles and you do not want those in your clay so
make some small incisions and then smooth them out.
Now once you have everything smoothed out
take a heavy grit sandpaper and texture the entire roll.
Next step we need to use the chalks to really
give this rind a golden color.
This will make 8 slices of cheese, so I want to use this blade of course you can use any
blade but I happen to like this long blade. Make sure it is clean.
Slice it in the middle, you want this in half.
Be very careful that you cut it in half.
We need to use the chalks to color the insides of the rind.
Now we need to put an eye pin in this.
The final thing we need to do is to texture
this cheese so it looks like blue cheese.
I'm just going to dig into the sides of this.
Bake in the oven at 275 degrees for 30 minutes
and your charm is complete.}
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Blue Cheese Polymer Clay Tutorial

1425 Folder Collection
小尹 published on June 6, 2015
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