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Hi lovely people of Food Tube. I am in Gozo, beautiful Gozo. It's an island next to Malta.
Yes! I'm gonna celebrate this beautiful island, I'm gonna make my own homemade pizza - classic
margherita. So simple, so easy. The world love Pizza. Why you should go buy? Make your own.
It's cheap and easy and it is delicious! Let me show you how. A bowl, 500g of strong
flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, sachet of 7g of dried yeast, then you have here 325ml of warm
water. Straight in. Mix it Now can you see the salt
on here? I'm gonna mix it, the salt with the flour. The yeast goes inside then you mix
it. What is it about making pizza? It's fantastico!
Turn it down, move the spoon, then start to mix it.
Fantastico! This stage I need a little bit of flour, just
a little bit. Put it on top. This is the way you clean your hands. I love making pizza!
You gather all together and that. With the palm of your hand in one side, you're
holding for the other one, you pull it and you fold it, you pull it and you fold it and
you carry on doing that, ok? Then you get the other side, pull it and you
fold it. Now the dough is ready! Get the flour, just
roll it a little bit. Get a knife, you do one, two, three and four. It's about, 150g.
Roll it, roll it. Now you've got four beautiful portions of dough. Now I'm gonna proof the
dough. First, we need a little bit of semolina. If you don't have semolina use breadcrumbs,
it works fantastic. This is what I used to do. I'm gonna proof it. What is proofing?
Yeast is alive. Soon as it touch water, start to move it. Soon as it touch the flour, starts
to feed. They create air. Oxygen goes bubbling like oooooh. And it goes boobooboobooboo,
double the size. Because they are happy! But then, (sigh) they rested. They become very
elastic, you can stretch them nice, I don't mind.
Put a little flour on top, put a damp cloth on and let it proof for at least two hours.
Here they are! (sings) Bam bam bam bam! Flour. Look at that!
They double the size. Press it and turn them around again, pick him up. Look at that!
Ok. Now there is a little hole here. Don't try to stick it, try to take it from the sides
of the pizza, put them on the middle. Then with your finger, just press it. This is really
fantastic. Stop! We get nice tomato, or Passata will do.
Or this particular one I've flavoured with the garlic, it's easy.
Stop from the middle, you do not need too much tomato. Drizzle with some little olive
oil. It help to flavour the pizza. Little bit of salt. When you reach the stage
to make the classic margherita, you need parmesan cheese. This will be so delicious. Nice mozzarella.
For each pizza you need about 50g of mozzarella. Just break with your hands, it's so good.
Basil, break it. Yes, with a nice drizzle of olive oil again. Pallet, here you are.
Little semolina on the pallet. Don't be afraid, readjust it. Now a miracle will happen. Yes!
This is very rustic!
Oh yes! This is what I call a pizza. Look at that! The perfect
pizza! The tomato, the basil on top, the cheese, the Gozo olive oil. Gozo I love you. You can
put salami, you can put preserved vegetable, make your own, it's ever so easy. If you want
to see me make all more, fantastic dish don't forget Food Tube channel subscribe! It is
free. Let's cook it all together, it's enjoyable. I made for you fantastic margherita pizza.
You know what, Paul the cameraman is looking at me, he's gonna nearly follow. Bye!
I'm gonna eat my pizza, I'm gonna eat my pizza!! Oh Yes! Mmm Mmm Mmm!
Thank you for watching my video Food Tubers.
This recipe was adapted from my book - Let's Cook Italian. Please take a look, you will
love it. And keep watching Food Tube channel. Subscribe - It is free and enjoyable! Let's
cook all year round together! I love you all. Bye!
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Gennaro's Perfect Pizza Recipe

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paul published on June 4, 2015
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