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The first
time I met Ang Lee
I can remember
very clearly
about he asked me
a lot of questions
about my family
, education, my background
, and all of the things about my life.
I felt a little
Tony is a professional
and he's really helpful to me
I can remember one thing
I can't cry
and when he felt I am nervous
he's so nice... he told me his experience during his shooting
in the film "Happy Together"
and it made me feel better
and I'm so lucky to work with him
The love things where very technical
and the movements were planned during the rehearsal
so we did a lot of rehearsal
during the shooting there was only Tony and Ang Lee, DP and I was allowed to be there
so sometimes we need to do a lot of the out takes
just like Ang Lee he sometimes need to get up and to the hair
My character is Wong Chia Chi
she is a natural actress
and she thinks she can get close to Mr. Yee the head of secret service
but she's naive and she wants
she really wants love
so there is a great risk.....
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Tang Wei - Lust Caution Interview (English)

5094 Folder Collection
Jyason Lee Jya Son published on June 3, 2015
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