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(villagers mumbling tune)
Villager News!
No, you are all mistaken. This is Villager News TWO!
You are all fired!
I thought it was number one..
Alright, you can stay.
Who's a good Villager?
I'm a good Villager!
Yes you are!
Today's News! The winning lottery numbers are out.
The winning numbers are: One, Four, Seventeen,
Five Hundred and Forty Eight, the letter M,
and a drawing of a dog. I'd like to see who wins that.
Oh my God, I won. I won!
(singsongy) I won! I won! I won!
Villager Number 4: Someone get him out!
Security: Get out! Ow!
Why would you d- Security: Get out! Get out now.
Uh, uh- okay I'm going.
A fellow Villager has somehow enchanted himself.
In my opinion, he's a witch! He should be burned.
Audience: You're not supposed to have an opinion.
Your face isn't supposed to have an opinion!
One of our citizens has been reunited with a stack of wood,
which was allegedly stolen from him. (glass screeching)
Sign Villager: I don't like this!
And the answer to the age-old question:
Just how does my moustache look so good?
Breaking News! A citizen has failed to return his library book on time.
We're now going live to Villager Number 9, who is joining..
..a team of specialists in their pursuit of the stolen book.
Thank you Villager Number 4.
As you can see, we're preparing to breach the premises of the fugitive.
(door cracks open)
We're in. Move out!
We'll provide you with music from our mouths.
(villagers humming suspenseful music) SWAT Villagers: Clear!
SWAT Villagers: Clear!
(in background) Uh, I think I got something.
Move it!
Naked Villager: What the!?
(Naked Villager screams) What's going on!?
It's not him. Move out!
Moving out!
(door bursts open)
I've got visuals on three violators!
This place is crawling with them! (villagers chattering)
(villagers chattering)
Get them! (villagers chattering)
(villagers chattering)
(villagers screaming)
The horse made me do it!
(horse huffs)
SWAT Villager: There's another one. Get him!
Criminal Villager: You'll never take me alive!
SWAT Villager: Aww, he got away.
Move out! Were any of those the targets?
(villagers chattering)
What's the situation? (villagers chattering)
It's locked! I can't get in.
I'm coming!! Move out of the way!
(thumps) Take cover!
(fuse cracking) (villager beeping)
(villager beeping)
(door slams)
Let's go, go, GO!
The target's in here (rubber duck squeaks)
(villager humming to Mission: Impossible)
(stamp clicks)
Your book has been stamped.
Thank you!
(villager continues humming)
SWAT Villager: Let's go. Move out!
Duh-luh-duh indeed. well, it looks like our work here is done.
You didn't do anything!
Shut up!
Back to you in the studio.
Thank you Villager Number 9.
Well, that's it for this edition of Villager News.
Hey, that is my chair! Get out now.
Aaahhhh! (rapid footsteps)
Ah! No!
(villager humming tune)
Villager News.
© Element Animation 2013 English Subtitles by @Peso255
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Villager News 2 (Minecraft Animation)

2288 Folder Collection
James published on June 2, 2015    Rudy translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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