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  • Pardon? Pardon?

  • Where am I headed? That's right.

  • Uh, now? Yes.

  • Here.

  • Salt?

  • I don't understand what you're talking about.

  • I'm a newspaperman. This is the story I've always prayed I'd do.

  • Finally my editor gave in.

  • i guess I wore him down.

  • What story? Story about what?

  • You.

  • Did you ever think to ask if I wanted that?

  • Did it never occur to you to ask permission?

  • Of all the unmitigated, presumptuous gall!

  • There's no call to use big words.

  • Okay, here's a short one. "Out." How?

  • I can't get back on my own.

  • ust aim straight downhill.

  • Deke Lewis will be back in two weeks. No, now!

  • Miss Porter, I'll die out there.

  • Life is full of little trade-offs.

  • i mean it. I mean it. i

  • I washed the dishes.

  • I washed the dishes, and you're chopping wood.

  • I gotta get out of here. Well, you talked me into it.

  • I don't suppose you have any cigarettes, do you?

  • There's nothing personal in this. I'm sure you're a f ne newspaperman.

  • But I do serious work here, in private and in peace.

  • I'm not a pop singer. I don't have a million records to sell.

  • Publicity is trite and trivial.

  • Reporters are parasites.

  • They feed off the accomplishments of other people.

  • I don't see newspapers much, but what I do see sickens me.

  • They only cost 20 cents.

  • can I ask you a question?

  • What's a nice girl like me doing in a place like this? No comment.

  • Make that "godforsaken place like this."

  • Godforsaken?

  • come on. Where are we going?

  • church. Pardon?

  • church. The oldest one in America.

Pardon? Pardon?

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Continental Divide (1/9) Movie CLIP - The Oldest Church in America (1981) HD

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