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  • 'Evening, ladies.

  • You know my husband has a gun?

  • Not this gun?

  • -Is it this gun? -Where is he?

  • Resting up. He had a long difficult day.

  • Danielle, I told you, you can't escape your demons just by leaving home.

  • I didn't.

  • -My parents brought me here. -Of course.

  • Where's Sexus?

  • -Back at the house. -Shame.

  • I had hoped we could read aloud from it together.

  • Well, I...

  • -...memorized some for you. -Did you?

  • -Yeah. -Did you?

  • Well, I'm impressed.

  • Which part?

  • The part...

  • know what part, you know.

  • -I don't think you did your homework. -I did.

  • What parts were they?

  • The good parts?

  • Yeah. They were...

  • -Were you a good girl? -I was.

  • I knew you'd follow me here and...

  • You know me pretty well, don't you?

  • Yeah. I do.

  • You're going to know me a lot better, too.

  • Are you offering me something hot?

  • Let's get something straight here.

  • I spent fourteen years in an eight-by-nine cell...

  • ...surrounded by people who were less than human.

  • My mission in that time was to become more than human.

  • You see?

  • Granddaddy used to handle snakes in church.

  • Granny drank strychnine.

  • You could say I had a leg-up, genetically speaking.

  • I'm going to forgive you, Danielle, honey.

  • I know that wasn't the real you, the true you.

  • But I would like you to wait in the hold.

  • Danielle, get in the hold.

  • -Stop! -No!

'Evening, ladies.

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Cape Fear (7/10) Movie CLIP - More Than Human (1991) HD

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