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Okay onions... chopping an onion is one of the most common veggie you gonna do.
So you might wanna had do it properly
So first thing versus two ways, slicing and chopping
Let's do slicing first. The common correct way to do it is to slice in half.
Just like that.
So that's one way. The other way, which is what I do
is to a nice clean tea towel, put in the middle, take up the corners
and then twist it ,which is what I do, and just smashing up.
I just squash it
squash it, squash it, squash it
And then you can kind of squash it again, which is what I do seven times at ten frankly.
Now another way to do it which I think is kinda cute. This is the oldest kitchen gadget in the world.
Well, obviously comes from rocks and these will be relevant in different ways throughout my future.
Talk about the bear of oil, you can smell that 20 foot away.
I can knock that out every single time and I've done that many times.
and this is really tiny but you know it does actually work.
We put a fingers on the either side, you're on this, and just rub it around the perimeter of the skin.
All that, fingers tucked away. Now all we gonna do
is just pop it in a brown paper bag with a banana.
Now, as I do this I'm starting to cry, so I gonna be really quick.
Once you've shaken it, beautiful.
Finally sliced them, there you go.
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How to chop an ONION using CRYSTALS with Jamie Oliver

11522 Folder Collection
許允迪 published on June 14, 2015    許允迪 translated    廖詩愉 reviewed
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