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.... we're fundraising to send a North American team
to battle it out, in person
with the Europeans
at the i46 LAN in Telford, England.
This is TF2
Insomnia 46 is open!
Alright, welcome ladies and gentlemen to the i46 LAN
we're going to do a quick tour of what's going on here
show you a little bit
about the scope and the grandeur of this event.
There's a huge event hall at Telford, England.
This is just one half
of the computer players that we have
there's three halls that are about this size
this one has all the TF2 players in it
except for a few teams that are with organisations
the scope of this LAN is huge
there's so many players here, about 2500 players.
We also have third hall
that is filled with exhibitors, sponsors, companies
that are giving away products, showing of their products,
showing off their technology and showing off their games.
This LAN is probably
it is the biggest LAN that we've had for TF2
with the American teams coming over to the competition
we've got more top teams than we've had at the previous event.
We never had so many teams here that are like top level teams.
For the European scene we've had maybe
there's been, let's say 4 or 5 teams that could win the tournament
and other teams who can cause an upset
maybe eliminate 1 or 2 of these teams if they're lucky
In this one, it's incredibly hard to call
a lot of the teams have stepped up their game and ...
yeah this is the biggest, by far.
Yeah biggest by far and I mean it's
great respect to the community themselves
that have funded, partly funded
the American teams coming over
and I mean it's great to have them here
it's been about 4 years in the making and finally we have them here
finally, whoever will answer the, who is better, North America or Europe
but yeah, biggest by far
and it will hopefully be a great weekend.
We're going to take a look at the team that is possibly Americas best hope for the tournament
They along with the other American team
are getting ready to play in the tournament here at i46.
Some of them just flew in this morning
using plane tickets bought through a community fundraiser.
Everyone wants to see these two American teams play in person
against the Europeans for the first time
where lag and ping won't be a deciding factor.
My money is on...
I've got to stick with...
You can't say Epsilon!
I'm going to have to stick with Epsilon.
They are the most consistent team in Europe
so what I mean by that is that they may lose games
but they also always win others, if you understand
everyone has their own loss as well they have downtime,
they haven't practiced,
going out to have parties, whatever
that always happens to everyone especially in this nice summer weather of England.
It's raining a lot but...
I mean, they always seem to put it back together and
today they haven't been beaten so far
and it's hard to go against that sort of performance.
They have the skill in the individuals as well to just go through the tournament
it will be interesting to see what the sort of American taste of things
American flavour of things will do to the tournament
my money firmly sits with them, at the moment.
Who's going to win the tournament?
Epsilon, is my pick as well unfortunately
no I've said that Epsilon are going to be the pick but...
the other positions, I honestly think that Classic Mixup...
if anyone is going to stop Epsilon at this tournament
Classic Mixup are going to be the team who could possibly take it from them
however, LG gaming as well
I honestly think that this could be an Epsilon
winning the grand final with
Classic Mixup second, LG third
but maybe an Infused - TCM battle for kind of the 5th place
you're right with what you said, Epsilon they...
their gameplay is just so beautiful to watch
in a kind of romantic way
when one player falls back because he needs help
players push forward with him to try and support him
half of the strategies I don't know who comes up with them...
So that means
if you're going for LG and Mixup for 2nd and 3rd
that means that you think they're going to face each other
in the consolation final.
Consolation final?
The winner of that would go to face Epsilon.
So you're saying that there will be an all American match at some point
which could be interesting.
My name is pyyyour, Bradford Ross
and I am a Medic for Classic Mixup.
I've probably played the longest out of the crew
and everyone else is about as long as me
maybe TLR started a couple seasons later than myself.
In terms of the crew
there is Enigma, Platinum
Ruwin and myself we're just
superduper friends
Ruwin is like my best e-friend
we get along, we're both pretty corky.
We're having a lot of fun because
like I was saying we trust each other
we're skilled, so we can count on each other
and we're all LAN proven which has
worked out a lot better this LAN than my previous LAN in Dallas, TX.
My name is Sven, Ruwin
I play Team Fortress 2
I enjoy it
and I'm glad to be here in Europe, it's awesome
I've known pyyyour, Brad for a long time
he is one of the masterminds of the game
he really truly understands it, understands the dynamic behind it
there's not a whole lot of people that do
I try
but I guess my brain is not big enough
I don't think I've ever seen Brad rage before
I mean he gets a little upset
but anyone who is really into gaming, really into competition
will get upset
whether it's a videogame or a sport
or just anything that they're passionate about
no I've never seen him go over the top or yell or anything ever
he'll usually just step back
take a breath
pretty level-headed.
as a team we'll hang out in mumble pretty much whenever we're online
so we have that going on for us
we like each other, which really helps
that's been going for LG for a long time
they've all been friends they've all enjoyed each other's company
in terms of my friends online
there are those that I can be on a team with
and not rip my eyeballs out
the people that I like talking to because I have something to learn from them
or the people that are just really funny
to just talk to them they make you laugh
in real life if you have a poopy day
you talk to like my friend Lange
Lange will like bring you back up in a heartbeat
which is really cool about online
we get along on the team and he knows me well
so whenever I'm getting a little anxious
anything with the team he brings me back in
and then the same thing with Ruwin if someone's upset at Ruwin
I make sure that the situation is ok.
we definitely try to hang out as much as possible
play other games together
play, offlclassing
teambuilding is great
I guess is what I'm getting at
if you're going to be playing a game and it's team based
make sure that you know your teammates in and out
and know how to make them play at their best
The i46 Team Fortress 2 tournament
has teams of six players competing against each other on maps
in which the goal is to capture control points.
Most of these maps feature five control points
that must be captured in sequence.
Teams begin on opposite ends of the map
and start each round by trying to capture the middle point.
Six player teams most often use
two Scouts
two Soldiers
one Medic
and one Demoman during this opening rollout.
Points are captured by standing on them.
More players result in a faster capture
and captures can be blocked by the opposing team.
Once a team has captured the middle point
the next point becomes available for capture.
The team that lost the middle point can reclaim it
but must simultaniously defend their second-to-last control point
which captures faster.
Losing that point opens up a teams last point for capture.
When a team has captured all control points
the round is over
and one point is rewarded to the winning team.
The team to score the most points within 30 minutes wins the map.
Starting with the Best-Of-16
maps were played in a Best-Of-3 format.
I am Seb Barton
I live in Plymouth in England and I am 19 years old.
Why do you play Demoman?
Because when I first tried to pick it up I heard it was the hardest class
I wanted a challenge, so I've picked it up and tried it
and I've enjoyed it since.
I think the Americans have wow'd everybody to be honest.
they've put in so much more effort
they're far more professional than the Europeans
everyone over here
they're more focussed on the partying and the drinking really
and then the Americans have come over they have been practicing
they've been talking tactics with each other
they've been even asking us for pcw's, scrims
we weren't expecting that
and it shows, the results.
They're very aggressive
really aggressive, there's no stopping them.
Sometimes the Europeans will like to stop
build uber, talk about what we think we should do
what had happened last time
and we like to talk things out mid-game
Americans, they're straight in there
there's no stopping them, there's no time to think about anything
you have to react to be able to deal with it
they've done a lot better this LAN.
if one person is pushing in, no matter what game you're really playing
if a person is pushing in and you are in a team
and they expect something from you
they expect you to
fire in their direction, they expect you to help them
you have to help them
it's on the teams that they don't help each other
that you can't pull off being aggressive
and putting it all on the line
with us, when someone's going in
they know that they're going to get support from the rest of the team
and the people giving the support know that
that person going in knows that
it's just a give and take that tends to work out because we trust each other.
I'd say so far the soldiers have surprised me the most
here in Europe, I kind of expected them to be a little bit worse
but their aim is pretty spot on
and their positioning is pretty good as well their scouts have been doing ok
I haven't played Epsilon yet
so I can't really say much to that
in terms of Scouts but, how much experience I have against LG
Clockwork and Cyzer
there's really no Scout pair like that
with the support of b4nny on any other type of team, any other dynamic like that.
Europe's Team Infused plays Classic Mixup in the upper-bracket semi finals.
The first map is a disaster
with Darn smashing his keyboard
crashing his PC and his teams momentum in the process.
The second map is closer
but Classic Mixup take it and move on.
I was quite drunk.
and that's a lie, I had a really, really, really easy shot
on Brad, pyyyour.
I missed it
and I just went like...
#[email protected]!
and banged the keyboard
and my PC went...
and that was...
no, like it wasn't anything serious
like really
as in I just banged the keyboard
what I do daily at home.
My name is Mike Miles, Platinum of Classic Mixup
I play Demoman at this LAN but I'm as Soldier at heart.
So what's exciting to watch about competitive TF2?
The fact that it's such a team based game
but it also showcases all the individual skills
first person shooter
to get like a 6K, in CS
is standard because it's very easy
but in TF2, if you get a 6K that's amazing
because it's such a team based game but it can showcase individual talent
and I think that's why it's awesome.
Hey I'm Anthony "Harbleu" Ballo
What makes it fun to play competitive TF2 over other games?
How well it mixes so many different aspects
the strategy involved with the individual skill
and the team skill is something that you don't see in most of those games.
you can play the same map
a hundred times and it'll still be fun
because there's so many different things that you can do on it
I don't know, it's just a great community to be in
and the game itself is just very fun still, for me.
Why is it a good game to shoutcast?
the teamplay for one.
I love the difference of classes
the amount of possible strategies there is
we as casters don't even know and we're watching through spectator mode
suddenly a Spy will get a stab on the medic and we're like...
what's going on, where did that come from?
if you haven't seen any TF2 yet watch Highlander
watch how crazy that is
now that is a game which is crazy, everything going on constantly
and I think aside from that...
just outside it, the way that TF2 is spoken about
just outside the game is great
you don't usually hear negative comments and there's a good reason for that.
Hey what's going on, I'm Tyrone from Leviathan Gaming
my ingame name is Tyrone backwards so enoryt is often what I'm called.
I'm personally from California
so I actually had to fly out from Newark
and then to Birmingham International
and the flight, I probably traveled about
twelve hours, I'm still jetlagged now so I'm kind of losing my mind.
We feel like the underdog even though we just won the ESEA LAN and
all that good stuff
because the new formation of
Mixup and some of the European teams we never really played against
so I feel like everybody has got that common goal
to just work and prepare for the event
so I think we're feeling pretty good about that.
I am clockwork from Leviathan Gaming
how do you think the American teams
are going to stack up against the Europeans in the competition?
I'm not a hundred percent sure
like some people are that we're going to just blow their competition out of the water
we don't know how they play really
we don't know how they play on LAN especially
Epsilon, when we played them in the showmatch
they had a lot of
a lot of cohesion
I kind of don't think anybody expected them to have
they're really good, as a team
I think we have
the capability of becoming first - second
Mixup - LG, LG - Mixup
but I'm not sure it's going to happen
I'd be kind of surprised
because we are kind of, in their territory
the home crowd, it's got their back
wouldn't be surprised...
if Europe comes over the win.
Leviathan Gaming has got some competition here
who is the biggest competition for you?
I hate always having to talk about them but...
it would definitely have to be Mixup
Mixup is the dream team
the USA superstar team
so they're going to be...
they're going to be a problem
then you also have Epsilon which is the Euro equivalent
Shintaz is supposed to be the craziest Scout I've ever seen
apparently, I haven't seen him play yet
that's the word on the street
I don't know, those two teams are going to put up a pretty tough fight
there's also Infused and there's also other teams
that I'm not even familiar with who can also give us a run for our money
just going to be a series of fights I guess.
let's see, I'm a 26-year-old grown man
hailing out of the desert, Phoenix Arizona.
Just like to play some Team Fortress 2 every once in a while
which means every night
and so it's got me here
I'm not even a big videogame player, aside from TF2
I used to play Counter-Strike back when I was 12 years old
played that for a couple years, was never very good
guys who I was playing with bought TF2
they told me to buy it, I bought it
and for some reason, I don't know I just really enjoyed it.
I think I just found a couple cool people to play with
one of them named Tyrone
we kind of started from the bottom and somehow we're here now.
me and Tyrone started out
we were awful, we were awful
and we still are awful
but somehow we've made it to the top
we just kind of picked up good players on the way
you got to say something about teamwork
Tyrone is a great leader
doesn't have the best DM
I'm not very good at aiming
I'm considered pretty bad
we've created this teamwork where he kind of plays off my plays
and because we've played together for so long
it just ends up working
and other people who just kind of piece themselves together
they're good individually
but it honestly is a team game, at a point
there's different tactics, some teams are really good individually
some teams are really good playing as a team
I think you can do whatever you like in your life
for some people that means staying home playing videogames all night
looking at you, Cyzer
other people like to go out and party it up
I believe you can do whatever makes you happy
if you want to play games, play games. That's fine.
We got the tickets a month before and we were pumped
it was such an awesome experience
it felt a bit surreal
because of gaming
hey, it's going to take us to Europe
how awesome is that?
Most of us especially haven't been to Europe
we're pumped, we were as pumped as can be
especially when the tickets were actually purchased
right then and there, no hassles no complaints. It was amazing.
When it comes to online play
it's not really representative of...
the true TF2 experience, especially on LAN
on LAN everybody is at the same location, same pings
same machine
what it really comes down to is...
the mindset is what's going to give you games
there's no inherent advantages
My name is Dante, A.K.A. Shade
I'm the Medic for Leviathan Gaming.
Leading up to this event, what were your
interactions with the European community
and your views of their playstyle and them as a whole?
I wasn't really up, on the European play
it is interesting that they play vanilla
I found that kind of interesting
they sort of like to keep it very
straight-laced when it comes to their play
I do think the American style, using the unlocks
adds a little bit variety to the gameplay.
My name is Grant, known as b4nny
I play Demoman for LG.
Coming to play against these teams that we've never even heard of
or players that we've never heard of
it kind of does make a difference because
when you practice against a team you get to learn
you get to learn their playstyle
specifically like each players tendencies
the ways they like to approach certain situations
it's more than learning your own team when you practice
it's learning the other teams too
years ago when Complexity was the top team in America
they wouldn't practice that much so you wouldn't really get to learn
exactly how to play against them
and that was something that I think really helped them out
so it's kind of similar coming here
playing against European teams
you don't really know
what each player is going to do.
How do you like the NA teams coming over here
has that been a good experience, what do you think?
It's been fantastic
it's something we've wanted for so long
maybe it could have happened when NA wasn't
at probably it's prime, you know
maybe a couple years ago when we had the edge
overall it's fantastic isn't it?
Yeah I got to agree it's actually really cool
in all the LANs I've been too, which is a lot
this LAN I've been looking for since
we started TF2
not just to sell the score between the Americans
but to actually have sort of a world thing going
between the best teams really
and obviously they've come here
and they're proving it so far.
In the double-elimination tournament bracket
the American teams remain undefeated
dispatching the European teams to the lower bracket.
Infused gets knocked out by TCM
who in turn get knocked out by Epsilon
now the last European team in the tournament.
Classic Mixup defeats Leviathan Gaming
in the upper-bracket finals
to book their place in the grand finals.
LG plays Epsilon to determine
who will face Mixup on the main stage.
Will Epsilon be the European crowd's home team?
Or will Leviathan Gaming make it an all-American affair?
clockwork going up the spire right now
Tyrone jumping in
looks like together they are going to force that uber out of epsilon
clockwork retreating now back to the choke
they realize they've got this kritz but they can't use it against invulnerability
they are going to go ahead and pop it now though
b4nny shooting the crit stickies but they miss the combo
combo retreats
actually clockwork has found them in the house
looks like he will be trying to take on
both a Medic and a Soldier by himself
that's going to be GeaR down
and he chases F2 through the doorway to get the kill
the Medic is down for Epsilon
Now Epsilon looks like they may want to move out here
they're going to have to be careful, clockwork could go for the Medic pick here
he's not going to go for it
actually, oh my gosh he's just going to go for the backcap right now
this is insane
he's been spotted out
a Scout going to try and stop him here
but he gets the kill on Shintaz
clockwork will take the round!
The uber is coming in right now
a little bit of an early pop
I don't know they'll be able to bring this one into last
looks like they've got a lot of kills
GeaR and Extremer already down
Shintaz, what the heck just happened?
Shintaz walking back towards spawn
decided to take a little bit of a shot
there at the Medic, and my god did that ever work?
... Epsilon they've got a pretty solid defence set up right now
looks like Shade is in an interesting position now
he's caught next to the point
I don't think he likes where he is
he's actually just going to go maybe for the capture here
nobody is in time to stop him
and Shade is going to get the capture
winning the round for LG
that is ridiculous, you don't see a Medic do that every day.
... Just actually fading but they're going to go ahead and take this anyway
b4nny likes his odds here
going to take down KnOxXx right away
not leaving him any room for retreat
he's getting pressured by the Scouts right now
connects one pipe
against the Scout, but this Scout probably going to take him down here
no, interesting dodging
and actually, a pill connected to that Scout's feet
going to take him down, schocky down
and how did that pill even hit the Medic
cross-map pipes
taking down the Medic
along with some help from Tyrone jumping in to finish things off
that is going to be a round for Leviathan Gaming
looking so solid here.
In a stunning series
Leviathan Gaming knocks out the last and best European team.
With Epsilon out of the tournament
the grand finals will be Mixup versus LG.
The two old American rivals
will now fight for the grand prize
on English soil.
Let's talk about Epsilon a little bit
how easy were they to play against, what was their problem against you?
They definitely were not an easy team
I feel like they were really coordinated
it was like playing against a moving wall
luckily with us
we have a lot of disruption plays
our flanks, we worked the flanks really hard
I think it kind of worked against them, the way they moved
like such a unit, you know
because we attacked from all sides
I feel like we were just a bit more organic with our strategies
things a little bit more on the fly
they play the numbers game
they play that all extremely well
but we were able to adapt just a bit quicker in the fights
I felt like our communication
especially in the two-on-twos, three-on-threes
was just a bit better
I think that's what really edged out the fight
although it was, the first maps were easier
I feel like it really could have gone either way
it came down to...
just great plays
we were just catching them
as soon as they stepped out too far
definitely was a great game
great playing to them
I guess we just edged them out, we were the better team today.
I'm TLR, I'm the pocket Soldier for Mixup
How is LG?
Before LAN, online they weren't playing very well
Tyrone was really struggling
changing things up
just as a team they weren't playing like how they
have in the past, really
since they've been here, they've been playing really well
I've watched...
I don't know if they've lost any games.
I'm enigma
I'm playing for Classic Mixup
I've been playing for them for about three or four seasons
and I'm the passive Scout.
How are you guys going to prepare for Leviathan Gaming?
I think it's more of a mentality thing
you want to be in the right mindset to beat them
not be too afraid of them
because they are intimidating
that's where they get most teams
their past history and
people being afraid of them
we don't want to play into that
we want to play our own game against them
we're going to prepare by just
a little peptalk
and a little mental preperation, more than anything.
We are competitors, we're huge rivals
sometimes that can get in the way but as players
and for what they do for the community
they're great guys you know
it's funny because online we might not get along
but in person, we're always like "hey what's going on"
"how was your trip"
I mean we have a good relationship outside of the game
but ingame
we're rivals, we want to beat each other
nothing more
than you know, victory.
just about to get started with the grand finals
the crowd here is super hyped
sounds like everybody is going to be supporting Leviathan Gaming
but either way, it's going to be a great time
it was a great atmosphere in the last match
Leviathan Gaming, their match to book their place here
the Europeans wanted Epsilon to make it
but they still gave a nice, hearty
round of applause for Leviathan Gaming once they booked their spot.
You think LG has become the default team to cheer for?
I've been talking
to loads of the EU guys
and no one is going to cheer for Mixup
like this is, Mixup versus the crowd
not Mixup versus LG
you'll see
you haven't seen it yet but you'll see
they're going to go, just mental.
Why do you think they chose LG?
Basically LG, has been really low key
and Tyrone has been chatting with everyone
you know, winning the crowd for himself.
Describe your feelings right now?
When we go live, it's going to be packed
it's going to be awesome, it's going to be amazing
people at home are going to be blown away
it's going to be incredible!
I would've loved to see Epsilon on the stage
it would've been EU versus NA
but you know, these teams are the best teams out there
they deserve it
it's going to be an amazing match no matter what
they both have, you know
they have experience playing on grand finals
they're going to make a show out of it
it's going to be awesome.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to i46
it's Team Fortress 2!
I have to tell you, before we bring up some celebrities
I have a little bit of a soft spot for you guys
and Team Fortress 2 in particular
because everytime we did finals in the past
they were always the best.
And one other thing I'd like to mention is this
you guys have such an amazing community
if every game had what you guys put into it
we would have so many fantastic games
because you support each other
you cry with each other
you laugh at each other, you laugh with each other
you support each other
you put money into teams that bring them here.
... Mixup are going to have an uber
LG not going to have one to defend this
Soldier goes in, doesn't make the rocketjump up to that top level
and Heavy has run up to the point
uber is right on them though, Medic might be in trouble
he's surrounded by BLU players
Shade running for his life
tries a crossbow to get him some more health
but Ruwin takes him down
and Mixup...
we've got players on the point, we've got a Soldier, mackey jumping up
does manage to take down Harbleu on the point
but it's still asking a lot of the Soldier
they're all dead, and LG...
are they going to be able to defend clockwork?
there it goes, so
Mixup taking this first round
... There is a Heavy up there as well that's very weak but is getting healed
Ruwin does take down clockwork there
b4nny jumping up, does get eliminated
arrows coming in from the Medic, of Shade
Tyrone still going to try it
airshot there by Tyrone, TLR taken care of as well
LG are going to get this surely now
Platinum comes in to block, wow
it doesn't really get much closer than this
four minutes remaining
LG, in the tendency trying to win this round
Scout on top as well, Harbleu coming in to block this time
they're not giving it up Arx
b4nny is up, over on the point
no one up there to block this point
great rounds have been exchanged
The two teams sit ten meters apart
on the grand stage, seperated by the shoutcasters.
The undefeated Classic Mixup pic the first map
Gravelpit is a unique map that most competitive players don't like.
Mixup chose it because they thought Leviathan Gaming didn't practice it.
But they're in for a surprise
Mixup take the first round but perpetual aggression from LG wins them the second.
The tiebreaker round is a nailbiter
but Mixup barely secure victory, on map one.
Next, the teams go to LG's favorite map
the first round easily goes to LG
when clockwork switches to Sniper
and gets an incredible headshot on Mixup's medic.
With pyyyour down and no ubercharge
Mixup can't defend.
LG's own Medic, Shade
survives almost the entire game
giving his team a significant advantage
in ubercharge and healing.
Classic Mixup loses this map, 4 - 2
The crowd is ecstatic
there is one more map to go
Mixup nearly loses the first round
but pyyyour survives and ubers his team to win round one
but in round two
one false step is all it takes for Mixup to lose all their players
LG wins round two.
The next two rounds are straight from the TF2-textbook
Shade dies, and LG loses a round
then pyyyour dies, and Mixup loses the next
Mixup takes the lead again in round five
and they even take round six
despite Shade's amazing double-kill.
With half of the map time remaining
Mixup decide to bring out the big guns.
Enigma plays the heavyweaponsguy
they're trading speed, for defensive power.
After a long fight
LG finally defeat this strategy
and bring the score to 4-3.
The scores are close
but Mixup wins the middle point with two minutes to go
as the clock ticks down
LG realise
they can't capture points fast enough to win the game.
After the closest games of all time
the players of Classic Mixup
become the first TF2 world champions.
How was that TF2 final?
Amazing, awesome
definitely the best finals we've had since we got here.
Do you have a favorite player from that event?
I think pyyyour, just because I'm a Medic
so I'm kind of bias towards Medics
but he was really really good.
I think I'll probably be bias as well
since I always watch you play Medic
that's the one I know most
I'll go with Medic
everybody loves b4nny
everyone cheering from him, and he got some amazing pipes off as well
I think I saw him get like four in a row
it was just epic.
For some reason they wanted to root for LG a lot more than us
which was interesting
so everytime I died, whether it was a bad death or just a random death
everyone would go crazy so
it was kind of funny.
Anybody has the ability to pick it up
and play, and have fun.
Sounds like, not true but it's entirely true
with map variation you have and nine classes
and the public service you have, free to play, by Valve
and making it so tempting with all their cosmetics.
I think that's the thing that makes it a unique eSport
it's easy to pick up
it's funny
and that's why, I've always been saving about TF2
it's never going to become like Starcraft 2
never, like I know it sounds harsh
but it won't because it's comedy
a lot of people like seeing solo skill
one-on-one's, all that stuff
and that's what drives people to actually wanting to watch it
when we see an airshot in TF2
it's like, a huge thing you know
when a Medic does like a sick surf or something like that it counts for nothing
it's just how it is
you know, it's good, it's easy to pick up
which is great, and that's why we have a huge fanbase of it don't we
when it goes to competitive level that's when we struggle
because it's not easy to go into that level
I think that the hype from the crowd was great
I've never been in an environment like that playing videogames
doing sports has been like that for me
the hype from the crowd was really awesome
it made me want to play well
when I knew, that we were probably going to win
it felt really good
I relaxed a little bit
and I knew that we would get cheered on and everyone had a great time.
Adding to that, I'm glad that we put on a show
and that's what I've kept saying since...
since we first got here and before that
I just wanted to put on a show regardless if we've finished first or fourth.
I really love watching
TF2 competitively
it's a game that combines a lot of
increddible stuff from different eSports
and I've watched other eSports too.
I've watched a lot of Starcraft especially
I've gotten my fair share of Quake Live, I went to QuakeCon
that was pretty awesome.
There is ofcourse an increddible level of individual skill
that we like to showcase
we love showcasing the huge airshots over at eXtv
we love showcasing those crazy stealthy Spy backstabs
and whenever we can we try to get the Medics on camera too
doing their stuff. It's tougher, because they don't get the kills
but they do increddible positioning
and if some Soldier is bombing in at them, trying to take a shot or two
we've brought Shade, and we've brought pyyyour over here
and everyone was really cheering you know
when pyyyour would die, or when Shade would die
pretty much if you're one of the best Medics
those are the only situations you ever die
it's when your entire team's hand is forced.
Absolutely love watching TF2
I think it's the most exiting eSport
I really hope we get more viewers
I mean that's what we're trying to do here
with this documentary, is tell you guys
look, we love it.
Come join us, join our passion
join what we love watching
what we love doing here in TF2.
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America VS Europe - a Team Fortress 2 Documentary

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李鴻章 published on May 29, 2015
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