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LINX Evolution Versus reverse osmosis comparison of water waste
From the moment you start to use a LINX system, the benefits are dramatic
The LINX system can refill its 1.5 gallon tank in only 3 minutes
But no water is wasted
But the RO will take roughly 2 hours to refill its 1.5 gallon tank And waste 13.5
gallons of water in the process
if the tank is empty and filled all at once.
But that is not how a typical household uses water throughout the day, So usually
the waste water actually is much higher
So why does an RO waste so much water?
RO creates drinking water by pushing tap water through a semi-permeable
membrane to the 1.5 gallon holding tank
as the RO fills its tank, more and more tap water is wasted
that's because the more the holding tank fills
the more back pressure it creates
As this back pressure increases less water is be able to pass
through the membrane
as less water passes through the membrane and more water is flushed down
the drain airspace
though simply as waste.
So simply stated -- when an RO fills an empty one and a half gallon tank,
it wastes only 13 and a half gallons of tap water.
But when you draw water continuously throughout the day from a full tank,
RO will waste 300% more water to top off its tank after each use.
So how much water is really wasted in a typical household?
Let's say a typical household uses one gallon of water a day in this manner:
When you wake up in the morning,
the RO holding tank is full. You draw water to make a pot of coffee.
The RO will immediately begin to fill or "top off" its holding tank, replacing the water
used by the coffee pot.
The coffee pot used only 56 ounces of water leaving the tank 70
% full.
Because of this, the RO will waste nearly 90% of the tap water
used to fight the back-pressure created by the two-thirds full tank. At this point,
only 10% of the water will actually pass thru the membrane.
As a result, your home just wasted a little over 11 gallons of tap water to fill As your household uses more water one glass at a time throughout the day, the RO will continue to top off its tank.
that one pot of coffee. As your household uses more water one glass at a time
throughout the day, the RO will continue to top off its tank.
Drawing one glass of water at a time wastes proportionately the largest amount of
water. Each glass only drains the tank by 6%.
Because of the tremendous back pressure created from a tank that nearly full,
the RO will waste 96% of the tap water -
meaning only 4% of the water will pass thru the membrane.
As a result, your home just wasted over a gallon and a half of tap water
to fill one glass of water.
After incrementally producing just 1 gallon of drinking water throughout
the day, an RO can waste 27 gallons of water.
How does LINX Evolution Work? Rather than using pressure to force
water thru a membrane, the LINX Evolution uses electricity to run water past
special Ion Exchange membranes (not thru them),
efficiently reducing TDS and harmful contaminants while creating minimal
water waste.
The LINX Evolution uses extra water only when it regenerates
after 3 gallons of water are consumed
or roughly every 3 days.
The LINX Evolution only uses 1.3 gallons of water to
In that same time period, an RO will waste 81 gallons of water.
In one year, the LINX Evolution will use 158 gallons of water
to regenerate
but the RO will waste about ten
thousand (10,000) gallons of water in the same time period.
That means, in a typical household, an RO wastes enough water every year to
fill the average swimming pool.
LINX Evolution Drinking Water Systems
Great Taste and Less Waste
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Insane Water Waste -- Reverse Osmosis (RO) Truth

863 Folder Collection
ljj published on May 29, 2015
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